Verizon Connect ELD


Verizon Connect ELD pricing is based on a number of factors, including the number of vehicles in your fleet, the type of device you choose, and the level of support you require.

The basic Verizon Connect ELD plan starts at $23.70 per vehicle per month when billed annually. This plan includes the ELD hardware device, access to the online portal and mobile app, and basic customer support.

For fleets that require more advanced features and support, Verizon Connect offers additional plans with higher pricing. These plans include features such as automated reporting, advanced analytics, and dedicated support.


Verizon Connect ELD is an electronic logging device designed to help fleet managers comply with FMCSA regulations on hours of service (HOS) tracking. Here are the features, advantages, and benefits of using Verizon Connect ELD:


Track HOS real-time:- The Verizon ELD helps truckers and drivers to track drivers’ hours of service, including driving time, on-duty time, and rest breaks.

Auto logging:- The ELD device eliminates the need for manual logging by providing real-time automatic HOS logging.

Mobile access:- HOS information is accessible from mobile devices, making editing, scrutiny, updating, and viewing driver log robust and simple.

Fleet management:- HOS data and alerts are available to fleet managers or dispatch managers, these alerts display when a driver is close to reaching their driving limit.

Compliance reports:- In the event of a truck audit, Verizon ELD generates compliance reports that can be used to demonstrate compliance with the HOS mandate.


Easy to use:- ELD is a plug-and-play type device, which requires no complex installation training for drivers or fleet managers.

Cost efficient:-The Verizon eld is an affordable solution for fleets of all sizes, it has no upfront cost software or hardware costs.

FMCSA compliant:- The Verizon ELD is compliant with FMCSA and IFTA regulations, making sure that fleets can avoid costly fines or penalties for noncompliance. 

Increased efficiency:- Your fleet will operate more efficiently reducing tiresome paperwork and admin duties. This is possible when your ELD automates HOS tracking.


Improve safety:- The Verizon ELD ensures drivers are not exceeding HOS limits. Thus reducing the risk of accidents due to driver fatigue. 

Reduced liability:- If an accident or issue occurs, having an accurate HOS record can help protect fleets from liability. 

Enhance productivity:- By streamlining HOS tracking, Verizon connect ELD helps drivers and fleet managers increase productivity and profitability by optimizing time.

Best customer service:- With real time tracking of trucks or equipment fleet managers can provide accurate estimates of delivery time. This improves customer satisfaction. 


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