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Introduction of DAT Loadboard

DAT is the leading load board in North America, with the most powerful freight “load board”, started over 40 years ago. We continue to maintain the largest, and most reliable marketplace of loads and trucks in the industry, with over 900,000 loads posted daily.

Why Do you need?

With the DAT load boards, drivers, carriers, brokers, and shippers get: 


load galore

Loads Galore

Search for hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of loads across the country. It's like a massive treasure hunt with jobs everywhere you look!

trucking loadboard

Picky Power

Filter your search by size, weight, cargo type (toys? furniture?), and where you want to travel. You pick the jobs that fit your truck and your travel plans!

24/7 support - icon

24/7 Customer Support

Find new loads anytime, anywhere – even in your pajamas at 3 am! It's like having a treasure map that's always open for business!


Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

No more waiting for calls from brokers. You choose the jobs you like, becoming the captain of your own trucking destiny!

Flexibility is King

Flexibility is King

Heading south for the winter? Find loads going that way and keep your truck rolling. Load boards help you adapt your schedule and keep busy!

Variety is the Spice of Trucker Life

Variety is the Spice of Trucker Life!

Don't want to haul the same thing every day? Load boards offer all sorts of cargo options, keeping your trucking adventures exciting!



Ka-ching! More Money!

Find consistent work and keep your pockets happy. It's like a treasure hunt where you get paid for every piece of loot (load) you find!

Save Time Skip the Hassle

Save Time & Skip the Hassle

No more endless phone calls searching for work. Load boards put all the options at your fingertips, saving you precious time!


Be Your Own Boss

Load boards give you the power to choose your loads and negotiate your rates. You're in control, making your trucking business truly yours!


A fuel card is an alternative payment method for drivers that allows you to track spending, limit usage, and file expenses more efficiently. It can also help you manage your business vehicles' fuel costs.

  • Find loads that fit your schedule: Need to head south for the winter? Find loads going that way and keep your truck rolling. It's like planning an awesome road trip with a purpose – you get to see new places while earning money!
  • Choose the loads you want: Don't like hauling heavy machinery? No problem! Filter your search on the load board to find loads with cargo you're comfortable with. Think of it like picking your favorite flavor ice cream – you get to choose the jobs that are the best fit for you!
  • Stay busy and make money: Load boards are a great way to find consistent work and keep your pockets jingling with cash. It's like having a treasure hunt every day – you never know what exciting loads you might find!
  1. Sign up for a load board service: There are many online options, some free and some with a small monthly fee. Think of them like different playgrounds – some are free to enter, while others might have a small entry fee.
  2. Fill out your profile: Tell the load boards about your truck, what kind of cargo you can haul, and where you're willing to go. Imagine it's like making a cool trucker trading card – it tells everyone your skills and what kind of jobs you can do!
  3. Search for loads: Use filters to narrow down your search and find loads that match your needs. Think of it like using a treasure map – you use clues (filters) to find the hidden treasure (loads)!
  4. Contact the shipper: Once you find a load you like, contact the company directly to discuss the details and agree on a price. Imagine it's like calling dibs on the coolest toy at the store – you let the shipper know you want the job!

Most load boards have safety features to help you avoid scams. However, it's always a good idea to be cautious and do your research before accepting a load. Think of it like being a pirate captain – you gotta be smart and check your treasure map (load details) carefully before setting sail (accepting the job)!

Load boards are a powerful tool for any trucker looking for work. By understanding how they work and using them safely, you can keep your truck rolling and your bank account happy! So buckle up, trucker, and get ready to explore the exciting world of load boards!

  • Cost: There are free and paid load boards. Free boards might have fewer loads, while paid boards might offer more features and filters. Think of it like a treasure hunt – free boards might have a smaller treasure chest (fewer loads), while paid boards might have a bigger chest with more options!
  • Lane coverage: Does the load board cover the areas you typically drive in? You want a board with loads where you want to go! Imagine a treasure map – you want one that shows hidden loot (loads) along your usual routes.
  • User interface: Is the load board easy to navigate and understand? You want a user-friendly board that makes finding treasure (loads) a breeze! Imagine a confusing treasure map – a good load board is like a clear and easy-to-follow map!
  • Search early and often: Fresh loads are posted daily. The earlier you search, the better chance you have of finding the best ones! Imagine being an early bird treasure hunter – you get first pick of the loot (loads)!
  • Be flexible: Open to different haul distances and cargo types? You'll have more options to choose from. Think of it like having a bigger treasure chest – being flexible allows you to find more hidden gems (loads)!
  • Negotiate rates: Don't be afraid to negotiate the price with the shipper. Think of it like haggling at a pirate market – you can sometimes get a better deal on the treasure (load)!
  • Scams: Unfortunately, there can be scammers on load boards. Be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. Think of it like booby traps on a treasure hunt – be careful and don't accept anything suspicious!
  • Unrealistic deadlines: Don't take on loads with unrealistic delivery times. Remember, safety is always first! Imagine a treasure map with an impossible deadline – don't risk your rig or your safety for a load!
  • Hidden fees: Make sure you understand all the costs involved before accepting a load. There might be hidden fees like tolls or permits. Imagine a treasure map with a surprise toll bridge – be sure you know all the expenses before setting out!

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