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Our various pricing model ensures that we grow with our carriers by adding value.

Weekly Subscription of $49/Week/Truck + 5% (7%) of Weekly Revenue

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MT Speed Dispatch Includes

  • Dedicated Team: Account Manager and a Team of 3-7 Dispatchers assigned to find the best loads for you.
  • Get the load booked in Minutes (based on regions) and not hours
  • Top Load Rates: Our in-house proprietary technology analyzes all relevant loads and market conditions to secure the best rates for you
  • NO Forced Dispatch –  Pick the load of your choice
  • Broker Credit Checks –  To Ensure Your Safety
  • Broker Negotiation –  To Get the Best Rate Per Mile
  • Driver Assistance –  Complete Driver Guidance & Assistance on Routes and Loads
  • Simple and Lowest Billing Rate –   Billed Week-to-Week
  • End-to-End Paper Works –  Includes broker setup, W9, Insurance certificate generation, rate confirmation, consolidating rate confirmation/BOL/Pod's/Lumper receipts/scale tickets post-delivery, creating all your invoices, factoring submission, and more.
  • Reports –  Weekly and Monthly Reports of your Hauls and Load Performance
  • No Harsh Contracts or Legal Binding
  • Customer Portal Coming Soon

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Truck dispatching is the process of coordinating trucks that transport goods from one location to another. Dispatching involves meticulous planning, scheduling, and monitoring to ensure timely deliveries. It also ensures optimizing resources like fuel, time, and vehicle maintenance

Truck dispatchers coordinate and manage the schedules of truck drivers to ensure products and goods are picked up and delivered in a timely manner. They receive calls for truck services, brokers, shippers, etc and contact their fleet of truck drivers to arrange the pickups and deliveries.

In shipping, the term “dispatch” typically refers to the process of sending goods or products to their intended destination. It involves a series of steps, including preparing the goods for shipment, picking up goods from the source, coordinating transportation, and arranging for the delivery of the goods to the recipient. It also includes end-to-end paperwork prep, helping drivers to overcome challenges like truck malfunction, weather issues, traffic issues, road closures, or any other bottlenecks.

Although entry-level truck dispatchers may handle 5-10 drivers at a time, more experienced truck dispatchers may manage up to 10-15 drivers at once. This number can vary significantly by company, though, depending on the company's typical truck.

Dispatchers need: Communication skills. Computer skills, negotiation skills and the ability to work with various types of communications equipment (such as radios and phones) The ability to remain calm in emergencies and work well in a demanding and stressful setting.

A Dispatcher is a professional who ensures that everything runs smoothly by coordinating with customers, providing precise directions for drivers to follow along on their routes, and coordinating delivery times. Dispatchers are the point of contact for drivers and have all the information needed to make deliveries

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