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About maxtruckers

MaxTruckers, is a leading logistics service company in the USA. We are a logistics service provider to owner-operators in the USA catering to various business needs of truckers – Factoring, Dispatch, Fuel card, Insurance, and Business Consultation.
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Welcome to the best trucking marketplace in the country, MaxTruckers. We provide a range of solutions aimed at increasing your income and decreasing your expenses, making us your reliable partner in the trucking sector.

Our goal is to offer the greatest trucking solutions available in the United States. We take great pride in the fact that more than 3000 owner-operators have chosen MaxTruckers for their trucking-related needs.

Because of our agreements with more than 50 service providers, you can compare prices transparently and easily and receive the best deal on any trucking service plans that are offered online.

We at MaxTruckers are aware of the difficulties facing the trucking business. For this reason, we provide owner-operators with a specialized consultant, the MaxTruckers Buddy, to assist them in overcoming these obstacles.

Whether getting quick factoring quotes from leading businesses and negotiating the best fuel prices. Or Whether getting affordable premiums on trucking insurance. Or whether finding the best fuel cards.

Our Solutions

A variety of options are available from MaxTruckers to satisfy the various needs of our customers. Here are a few of them:

Truck Dispatch: We offer owner-operators and newly authorized truckers dispatch services. With no effort at all, our highly skilled dispatchers assist you in obtaining high-paying loads.

Truck Factoring: We offer immediate factoring rates from leading businesses. After submitting a load invoice, truckers can get paid in as little as 24 to 48 hours with our factoring services.

Finance for Trucking Trailers and Equipment: We provide financing for the purchase of new or used trailers.  We offer quick approvals along with an extensive understanding of the trucking sector and the equipment you utilize.

Truck Fuel Card: We provide access to many complimentary fuel cards as well as a $6,000 fuel line of credit that is optional. You can save an average of 20-42 cents per gallon at over 1,400+ fueling  locations.

Truck Insurance: With low pricing and flexible premium payment options, we provide customized trucking insurance. To make sure you’re completely covered, you can compare quotations from other sources.

Truck Load Board: MaxTruckers offers DAT Load Board, the leading marketplace for trucks and freight loads with over 900,000 loads daily, is now offering a 10% discount for a whole year.

MaxTruckers University

At MaxTruckers, we think that knowledge is the key to enabling the transportation industry. For this reason, MaxTruckers University (MTU) was founded. MTU provides a thorough training program for individuals who want to pursue a new, lucrative career in logistics.

The same tactics, ideas, and methods that the MaxTruckers Dispatch Team employs in their dispatch services are what our courses are intended to impart. Our courses give you the information and resources you need to succeed, whether you’re new to the field or want to sharpen your abilities.

Come find the best in trucking with us at MaxTruckers. Make more money, save less, and drive with assurance. Welcome to the family of MaxTruckers!

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