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Rand McNally ELD Review

In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and advantages of Rand McNally ELD 50® E-Log Device. Learn how this device can help your fleet stay compliant, reduce paperwork, and save time and money.



Fleet and carriers can use  Rand McNally ELD 50® E-Log Device because it provides robust. Intuitive and easy features, this is why  Rand McNally ELD 50® E-Log Device is good choice for truck drivers and fleet managers. 

Easy Installation:- The ELD device comes with plug and play support, so drivers and fleet managers need no professional assistance to install it. It is very simple to install and use, it can setup in a few minutes.

User-Friendly Interface: The ELD device has a very intuitive and user friendly interface, which makes it easy for users to take advantage of it. The screen size of the device is 4.3-inch this screen displays all relevant information, like HOS status, driving time and duty status.

Auto logging:– All the relevant and required information like driving time, duty status and location is auto recorded by the ELD device. This means you can forget about manual logging which makes the whole process efficient, timely, error free and streamlined.

Compliance:- The Rand McNally ELD 50® E-Log Device provide full compliance with FMCSA regulations. It make sure that your fleet stays complaint thus avoiding fines and penalties. 

Alerts: The Rand McNally ELD 50® E-Log Device send alerts to drivers when they at the threshold of compliance violation, thus helping drivers to avoid penalties. This features allow drivers to stay complaint and avoid any violations. 

The Rand McNally ELD 50® E-Log Device offers several benefits and advantages to fleets. Some of the key benefits and advantages are:


Reduce paperwork:- the ELD reduces the need for paperwork making HOS amd IFTA compliance seamless. This means drivers can focus more on driving and less on paperwork.

Increased Efficiency: This ELD device automates the vehicle logging process, while is efficient, error free and time saving for fleets to operate.

Cost effective:-  The device provides cost effective service with high return on investment.The device reduces paperwork, increases efficiency, saves money and helps in avoiding fines and penalties.  

Additional information

GPS Tracking

View Team, Job Assignments, Live Equipment and Vehicles locations on a Map

IFTA Reporting

IFTA fuel tax reporting

Scheduling and Dispatch

ELD records driver scheduling and dispatch

Driver Safety Monitoring

ELD provides driver safety and Hours of service alerts to optimize driving and rest timings

Easy-to-use interface

Robust and intuitive interface

Hours of Service (HOS) logging

Automated Hours of Service (HOS) logging

Inspection reports

Vehicle inspection reports

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