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Samsara ELD Review

Samsara ELD makes a world of difference in the lives of fleet operators, drivers and managers.

Samara helps you to comply with FMCSA hours of service mandate, thus creating a stable, efficient and safe driving regime. Samsara ELD,helps you can ensure compliance, increase efficiency, and improve safety, all while using a user-friendly, versatile, and scalable solution.



Samsara ELD or Electronic Logging Device records a driver’s hours of service electronically. This device is mandated to be part of trucks running in the US, to fulfill the FMCSA HOS regulation. Now, let’s look into the features of Samsara ELD, using this device compliance becomes easy and efficient. Below are the features of Samsara ELD.

Auto HOS tracking:- The device automatically logs duty hours or hours of service depending on vehicle movement and duty status changes. The device eliminates the need of paper or manual logs, reducing chance or risks of errors.

Driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs):- Drivers can complete pre trip and post trip inspections electronically using DVIR feature.

GPS tracking:- GPS tracking allows drivers or fleet managers to track real time location of information for vehicles. This feature can be used to track routes, monitor trucker behavior and improve efficiency.

Lets look into the benefits of using Samsara ELD. The below are the benefits of Samsara ELD.

Compliance:- Samsara ELd helps drivers and fleet mangers to comply with HOS or FMCSA regulations. Doing this you can avoid hefty penalties and fines. 

Augments efficiency:- You donot have to log hours of service manually, thus reducing errors and time wastage. The device automates logging process, increasing efficiency., thus saving time and money for drivers.

Improve Safety:- Samsara ELD helps to improve safety of drivers and other road users. The device has features DVIR and GPS tracking, which help to figure out and address safety issues.

Samsara ELD has multiple advantages, listed below are various advantages of the ELD:

Robust and user friendly:- The Samsara ELD is user friendly, robust and intuitive interface  which makes it easy to use.

Versatile:-  ELD can used in various use cases for trucking industry. Drivers and fleet managers can use for range of uses, making it versatile.

Scalable:- The ELD can meet the needs of small to large fleets, thus meeting the needs of different fleets. This means you can grow with your business expansion.

Additional information

GPS Tracking

View Team, Job Assignments, Live Equipment and VehiclesLlocations on a Map

Real Time Alerts

Real-time alerts for potential violations

IFTA Reporting

IFTA Reporting and mileage stats

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with other Samsara products

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