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Stoneridge EZ-ELD Review

The  Stoneridge EZ-ELD is topclass device that provides wide range of features and benefits designed to make life easy for truckers and fleet owners. 

The  Stoneridge EZ-ELD is  has easy installation and automatic logging to its customizable display and user-friendly app, this device is an excellent choice for anyone looking to streamline their driving experience.




EZ-ELD is a simple, reliable solution.

Subscribe for just $15 a month, or buy an annual subscription for just $150 – that’s $30 in savings. The subscription includes the Back Office software and Driver App.


We are listing the best features and advantages of Stoneridge EZ ELD:


  • Easy to use : The device comes with very easy to follow instructions, even people who are not so tech savvy can use the device. It requires no special tools or complicated setup process to connect the device.
  • Auto logging : This feature removes  guess work out of your recording and driver duty logs. Stoneridge ELD auto records all of your driving time and updates your hours of service (HOS) logs instantly.
  • Custom display: Stoneridge ELD has a bright and customized display which can show information that you deem to be important. For example:- like remaining driving time, miles driven, and more.
  • Compact and unobtrusive: Stoneridge EZ-ELD is small, robust and compact, which means it won’t take too much space. And it also is unobtrusive which means you would be distracted by the device while driving.
  • Comply with regulations: The Stoneridge EZ-ELD is totally complaint with all regulations like IFTA and FMCSA. This means you will not be fined or penalinsed because your equipment complies with all necessary requirements.
  • Intuitive and user friendly app: The Stoneridge EZ-ELD has a very user friendly app which helps you access your logs and driver data from your phone or tablet or ipad. You can track and stay on top of HOS logs , IFTA compliance and other vital information while you are on the go.
  • Monthly subscription: The stoneridge EZ-ELD requires a monthly subscription. But it’s totally worth it for the convenience and peace of mind that the device provides.


Here are few of the benefits and advantages that make this device such a great investment:


Auto logging: The ELD automatically logs the driving time and updates hours of service (HOS) real time and easy to read format. The device can be used to display custom information which is important to the driver like  remaining driving time, miles driven, and more.

Easy to install and use: The ELD is easy to install and use for every person, even for those who are not tech savvy. It does have any special tools or complicated setup process are required.

Cost effective: The Stoneridge has a monthly subscription, you find that its cost is more than worth it because it provides convenience and peace of mind. The device also helps drivers to avoid costly fines and penalties for non compliance.


Additional information

GPS Tracking

View Team, Job Assignments, Live Equipment and VehiclesLlocations on a Map

IFTA Reporting

IFTA fuel tax reporting

Scheduling and Dispatch

ELD records driver scheduling and dispatch

Driver Safety Monitoring

ELD provides driver safety and Hours of service alerts to optimize driving and rest timings

Easy-to-use interface

Robust and intuitive interface

Automated Hours of Service (HOS) logging

Automated Hours of Service (HOS) logging

Inspection reports

Vehicle inspection reports

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