Gorilla ELD Review

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Gorilla ELD, the leading electronic logging device in the market. They understand the importance of a good ELD system in the trucking industry, which is why we have extensively researched and tested various ELD options to bring you the best possible solution. In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at Gorilla ELD and its features, benefits, and how it can improve your fleet’s compliance and efficiency.




  • Saves time and resources
  • Increases fleet efficiency
  • Improves compliance and safety
  • Reduces risk of fines and penalties
  • Enhances driver satisfaction and retention
  • Facilitates better decision-making based on data-driven insights
  • Helps businesses stay competitive in the industry


Prime8 ELD costs $19.99 per month

Fleet XPress costs $26.99 per month.

Fleet XTreme costs $36.99 per month. 


Here are the features, advantages, and benefits of Gorilla ELD listed one by one:


GPS Location Tracking:- GPS tracking allows dispatchers to see the correct location of vehicles in real-time.

Easy to use Dashboard:- This dashboard shows the driver’s hours of service (HOS), duty status, and driving time.

Built-in messenger system:- This messenger provides a separate room for drivers and dispatchers to communicate fast, easy, and intuitively. 

Customization software:-Drivers have specific requirements, Gorilla ELD allows you to tailor make their software based on your requirements. 


  • Helps drivers to comply with FMCSA regulations
  • Saves time and reduces the risk of errors or omissions
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy for drivers to learn and use
  • Affordable pricing plans to fit different budgets and needs


  • Reduces chances of road accidents, by reducing the risk of driver fatigue.
  • Dispatchers and fleet managers can make sure they are taking safe and efficient routes.
  • Improves overall fleet efficiency
  • Helps trucking business to save money by lowering the risk of accidents, decreasing fuel costs, and augemting productivity
  • Offers great customer support for drivers and fleet managers dealing with a lot of pressure and deadlines


Additional information

GPS Tracking

View Team, Job Assignments, Live Equipment and VehiclesLlocations on a Map

Scheduling and Dispatch

ELD records driver scheduling and dispatch

Driver Safety Monitoring

ELD provides driver safety and Hours of service alerts to optimize driving and rest timings

Easy-to-use interface

Robust and intuitive interface

HOS Logging

Automated Hours of Service (HOS) logging

Inspection reports

Vehicle inspection reports

Communication Tools

Driver communication tools

Custom Reports

Customizable reporting

Offline Mode

Offline mode for remote areas

IFTA Reporting

IFTA fuel tax reporting