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My20 ELD Review

Commercial Vehicle drivers (truckers) can comply with IFTA and FMCSA HOS regulation using My20-eld  electronic logging device. The device promotes safer and cautious driving practices. 

The My20-eld enhances productivity of truckers and fleet owners, it also helps to streamline your fleet mgmt process. The device has key features like GPS tracking, messaging features, and vehicle diagnostics. 

Manual paperwork process is eliminated and HOS trucking is automated using My20-eld. Also the device simplifies record keeping and ensures FMCA compliance. 

My20-eld is a valuable tool for fleet managers and drivers  fleet  looking to improve safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.


Are you a driver or a fleet operator struggling with the tedious fleet management process, compliance with IFTA and HOS regulations, and ensuring the safety of your vehicles and drivers? Worry no more! My20-eld is here to help you streamline your fleet management processes and enhance overall safety.

Are you finding it hard to meet  compliance with HOS and IFTA regulations?

Are you finding is hard to ensure the safety of your vehicles and drivers?

My20 ELD will help you to streamline your fleet management process and augment your overall vehicle safety.

Advantages of My20-eld

Let's take peek into some of the advantages of installing My20-eld:

Augmented Safety:

My20-eld encourages safer driving practice's, with features like GPS tracking and real-time alerts for speeding and harsh braking.

You can track the driver’s behavior on road, take all relevant actions to make sure their safety and the safety of other road users.

Streamlined  HOS Tracking:

My20-eld automates HOS process, this decreases the need for manual paperwork and streamlines truck record keeping. You can track, monitor and manage your drivers’ HOS, ensuring hassle free compliance with HOS and IFTA regulations.

Improved Efficiency:

My20-eld can help you plan routes and schedules more efficiently, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. Location and status of trucks can be tracked thus optimizing vehicle performance.

Decreased  Costs:

My20-eld can help drivers and fleet managers to save on fuel costs by generating insights of vehicle’s performance and reducing idling time.  Vehicles wear and tear can be reduced by tracking driver behaviour and implementing corrective behavior while on road.

Benefits of My20-eld:

Fleet operators and drivers are offered the below benefits in additions to the above advantages:

Regulatory Compliance:

MY20-eld reduces risk of fines and penalties by ensuring compliance to FMSCA rules.

Compliance with Regulations:

My20-eld helps ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and fines. You can easily access and share your drivers' records with authorities, ensuring a hassle-free compliance process.

Errorless record keeping:

My20-eld automates your HOS  tracking process, ensuring error free record keeping. The device also reduces the risk of errors. You can take a look at and check your driver’s records and make the needed adjustments to improve their performance.

Multiply Productivity:

You can streamline and reduce downtime and augment overall productivity of your fleet management process. You can easily organize your driver’s schedules, track their performance, and optimize your operations to achieve maximize efficiency.

Improved Safety:

The My20 eld encourages safer driving regime, thus reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall road safety of enlisted drivers. Fleet managers can monitor your driver behaviour and take needed action to make sure that drivers are risk free, safe. My20-eld ensures safety of others on the road.

Additional information

GPS Tracking

Vehicle tracking using GPS

HOS tracking

Hours of Service tracking

Vehicle Diagnostics

Day to day vehicle diagnostics

Fuel Efficiency Tracking

Mileage and fuel efficiency tracking

Real-Time Alerts

real-time alerts for speeding and harsh braking.

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