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Voyager Fuel Card for Truckers Review

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Voyager fuel card is best for fleets to customize fuel controls online

The Voyager Fuel card is a U.S. bank product, but it is distributed by Voyager Channel Partners. Owner operators can get the benefits of getting connected to a small fuel management company.

The Voyager Fuel card, one of the most universally accepted cards available, can be used to purchase fuel in hundreds of thousands of gas and maintenance stations across the USA.

The Voyager Fuel Card is very versatile; the card works for fleets of all sizes through it’s popular with large fleets.

Pros and Cons of Voyager Fleets Card:


  • Control fuel costs
  • Eradicate fleet card misuse
  • Cut downtime spend creating end of month fuel reports
  • Partner with a smaller fleet card provider



During our review, we found out that the Voyager Card has universal acceptance, unparalleled security controls, and a lack of predatory fees, unparalleled customer service.

The only problem we found was the lack of rebates/discounts on fuel. We believe that Voyager Card is a very good option for trucking companies/ owner operators of all sizes, and it has the potential to help slash fuel costs considerably.

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