Top 5 Trucking Dispatch Software

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Comparison between Top Trucking Dispatch Software in North America

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Pro Transport

Pro Transport

  • Best for freight brokers, truckload and LTL carriers
  • Performance and business analytics
  • User-friendly interface
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  • Best for last-mile delivery, especially for retail and food industries
  • Performance and business analytics
  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality
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Trucking      office

Trucking office

  • Best for small trucking operations
  • Performance and business analytics
  • IFTA tax reports 
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  • Best for haulers and Brokers 
  • Custom analytics and reports are available 
  • Identify issues and problem areas to improve operations
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  • Routing and route optimization
  • Transportation Management
  • Safety & Compliance
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5 Best Trucking Dispatch Software In North America

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What Is Trucking Dispatch Software?

Trucking Dispatching software automates the routing and scheduling process for truckers and fleet owners by monitoring shipping orders, seeing trailer/truck inventory capacity, and driver availability all from a core location, 

The goal of having dispatch software for trucking is to create a foolproof way to dispatch trucks to ensure customer orders are being fulfilled in a timely fashion.

 A truck dispatching software allots new orders to available truck drivers and optimizes the most efficient route. Route planning makes the delivery faster and increases customer satisfaction. If you optimize and drive fewer miles your fuel cost, and maintenance cost will automatically lower. 

An all-in-one software with accounting, fuel tax management, and bookkeeping would have dispatching as an added extra feature. This means you as the fleet owner will have extra bells and whistles that will help your company to be profitable.  

Dispatch software for trucking may also assist with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) fuel and mileage reporting

Businesses that need to plan, execute and optimize the physical movement of goods may look into a transportation management software.

How to decide on which trucking dispatch software to buy?

Finding the best truck dispatching software is overwhelming, in the market with many solutions that say they are the best truck dispatching software. The market is full of solutions that promise to reduce costs and increase the productivity of your trucking operation.

You need to know what to look for, we are talking about the features of the best truck dispatching software and the merits and demerits of such software. We also point you to the operational requirements of a top-notch truck dispatch software. 

While selecting a good truck dispatcher software for business you need to consider a lot of features. Here, you should know that price is not only the factor that you should consider while shopping for a truck dispatching software.

You need to create a list of the “must-have” features, like operational functions, reporting, performance management, and more. 

Then try to list a set of nice to have features that the company needs like GPS timestamps for employee clock in and out, suggestion box, survey creation, chat function, digital checklist, and so on.

You are in the market for robust, connected, efficient, and enabling solutions for your trucking business. You need a connect your, on-the-go employees, without friction and without wasting their time with office logistics. 

Most often you want them to be on the road and they need to be engaged and connected to the company 

What is Dispatch Software for Trucking Companies?

Trucking is been revolutionized by the use of the Cloud. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Recently developed trucking dispatching software has many robust features that make the trucking business efficient and profitable.

Dispatchers used to shout into the phones to communicate the operation details of a load to truck drivers. Because of the use of cloud technologies, you can control and manage your trucking business from anywhere. 

You can upload, edit and check your haul details from anywhere when you are free or working. Trucking dispatch systems make it convenient for truckers by providing state-of-the-art combined mobile and base office systems.

Dispatch software for trucking combines forces with Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) and GPS to keep track of each truck en route to its destination. The vehicles can get navigation and route adjustment information that vehicle drivers can use to navigate adroitly.

The dispatch trucking software is meant to make trucker to dispatcher communication flawlessly. This software can help you with managing routing, it also makes reporting accurate and timely.

 The dispatching software also facilitates a quick financial transaction. It can also be used to track assets, to manage your fleet and it can be used for many other purposes. 

What Are Features of Top Trucking Dispatch Software?

Route optimization: You can plan routes based on factors such as weather, traffic, vehicle type, etc. Ensure there is timely pickup and delivery. You can reduce fuel cost, driver hours, and operational overhead.

Scheduling and Dispatching: Create a dispatch task schedule. Specify the type of equipment based on truck availability. Reorder specific items that is needed for the task at hand. You can also give special instructions for drivers, and stagger arrival times or load stacks.

Communication Tools: Create a professional communication pipeline for customers and drivers. Use text or chat to communicate with drivers. Include useful and needed documents in a communication thread,  questions about truckloads stay in one communication pipeline. So that it’s easy to react to a thread or topic.

Mobile Access: Drivers must be able to upload digital tickets all throughout the day, with documents weight and time stamps.

Real-Time GPS Tracking: You need to know where your vehicles are in real-time, to keep tabs on the location of your trucks using an instant map view. So the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to brokers, customers, and people on the job site. This map view allows dispatchers to reroute drivers if there are problems or bottlenecks. 

Billing and Invoicing: Get the pricing data from trucking loads and integrate it with bookkeeping and accounting software to automatically generate bills.

Business Intelligence: Add robust reporting elements to identify trends based on your trucking data. The tools and dashboards may include digital punch in and outs, geofencing alerts, and cycle time analysis capabilities.

What are Things to Consider while Buying a Truck Dispatching Software Systems?

Good features in the dispatch trucking software you select can save or ruin your day. You need to have a list of features that you need from a truck dispatching software before evaluating software for your trucking business.

Robust Operational Features:

Some software systems lack the features that make them a time and money saver. From order intake, driver assignment, and notification of drivers, customers, or brokers about successful delivery. A trucking dispatch software needs a set of awesome features like:

  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • Communication

User Friendly:

You need to pick easy-to-use, intuitive and efficient software. Look for easy to navigate and employee-friendly software that your people can effectively and robustly use to set up tasks or solve problems. The more complicated the software is, the less likely that your team will enjoy using it. 

Works within your niche:

Select a tool that provides the most tools and top-notch functionality based on your company’s niche.

 For example, if you focus on retail delivery services, you’ll want a system that integrates with the leading retail software systems and e-commerce tools.

Great Customer Service:

Even if you have selected a good truck dispatching software for your business, you might encounter a problem and product usage doubt. So, you need robust and fast customer support.  You need an A-class customer support service that has a keen sense and rapid problem-solving capability. This means you get answers and support from the company when you need it the most.

Scalable Software:

Your software should grow with you. Don't go for software that doesn't allow you to expand your dispatching needs when it becomes a large operation. There are many software's in the market that supports small trucking operations, but you need an efficient and flexible dispatching software that supports you when you grow. 

As you evaluate your options, consider how well the software will grow with you as your needs adapt.

What are the Best Trucking Dispatch Softwares available in North America?

Pro Transport:

Best for freight brokers and truckload and LTL carriers

Pro Transport has an experience of 15 years in the trucking industry, they provide all-in-one trucking dispatch software customizable for freight brokers and fleets of any size. 

The dispatch software provides you with features like dispatching, safety, accounting, analytics, maintenance, etc. 

The Pro Transport solutions can integrate with multiple programs and tools like Quick Books, Fuel card providers, GPS, IFTA, and much more.

Pro Transport has a color-coded interface which makes it simple and easy to use for truckers and operations staff. The software also provides an intuitive dashboard, which makes analytics a breeze. 

Every fleet operation is combined in a single system, it allows quick performance analytics and measurements, and takes strategic decision making based on the results.


  • Full Accounting Capabilites
  • Dispatch with GPS Data
  • Safety and Maintenance


  • All transactions including paying drivers are accounted for.
  • User friendly and easy to train new employees 
  • No need to print any documents or paperwork 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust, efficient and accessible customer support  


  • No photo or image entry capability during times of maintenance 
  • Outdated software 
  • Attachment of credit card statements is not possible in the accounting section
  • All in one management is not possible because financial information is not readily available


 Our experts found that  ProTransport can combine the operation of your fleet into one easy-to-use the system. This allows you to save time, and rapidly do performance analytics. It also helps to make strategic decisions without much effort .

Every single system of your trucking operation is seamlessly integrated into a single system. Everything is ready to use at your beck and call, like safety, dispatch, accounting, reporting, driver communications, and GPS tracking. 

Pro Transport has a decade of experience, its user friendly,robust , versatile, and apt for any fleet size.

No ready-made pricing is available, to get pricing detail you need to take a tailormade demo with the company sales team


Best for last-mile delivery, especially for retail and food industries

Onfleet is a robust and efficient dispatching technology solution for distributors to on-demand delivery startups, multi-national couriers, retailers, etc. Onfleet focuses on last-mile delivery and operates in over 90 countries.

Our experts found out that Onfleet easily routes, dispatch, track, and analyze deliveries. It also helps truckers to easily communicate with drivers and also provides clients real times updates via SMS.

Onfleet offers proof of delivery and feedback forums for the collection of feedback from customers to improve your operations and delivery systems.


  • Automated dispatch
  • SMS notifications
  • Integrations with other bookkeeping, ELD, TMS etc
  • Fleet tracking
  • End-to-end route planning
  • Communication
  • Analytics


  • Easy and very simple onboarding process 
  • Android and iOS driver app availability 
  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality
  • Add and end tasks with ease


  • Unavailability of the system during maintenance periods is a problem
  • Limited analytics 
  • Data input fields are limited 


You can easily integrate (website, mobile app, online ordering system, ERP or inventory management system).

Our expert found that Onfleet provides exceptional customer service.  With on fleet you can send SMS notifications, they also offer real-time driver tracking. They also give you apt proof of delivery notifications and documentation. They also provide you with great feedback collection tools. 

Our experts found that if you are a multi-national couriers, retailer, and distributor to on-demand delivery startups, Onfleet is right for you.

We found that Onfleet leads the way in last-mile delivery in various industries, like food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, pharmacy, and more. They provide you a “consolidate routing and dispatch operations” in one web and mobile app.


On fleet has a $149 per month software subscription plan which has a ( Free 14-day on questions asked trial)


Best for small trucking operations

Developed by a fleet owner to organize his own company’s invoicing and records, this software was crafted with all the nuances of the trucking business in mind. However, it went beyond the father-son family business solution it was initially created.

Trucking Office Truck Dispatching software has its focuses on small trucking companies. It helps small trucking businesses to be on top of dispatching, accounting, IFTA reporting, etc. Trucking office dispatch software for trucking help trucking managers to stay on top of maintenances and expenses.

 Through scheduling maintenance, truckers and fleet owners or builders can increase their rate per mile, reduce roadside repair, and upkeep . TruckingOffice truck dispatcher software  seamlessly join invoicing and financial reporting!


  • Dispatching
  • Accounting and invoice management
  • Fleet management
  • Expense reports and profits per mile
  • IFTA tax reports 
  • Maintenance
  • Analytics


  • Robust and responsive customer support 
  • Active and robust forums, online guides, and help centers 
  • Very affordable
  • Simplifies the tax process


  • Though the customer support is active and robust the issue of tickets are handled via email, which is a downer. There is no over the phone or live chat support.
  • Software doesn't have features conducive to use cases of large trucking companies. 


TruckingOffice is for small truckload and LTL fleets, freight brokers, and owner operators. 

If you need to handle accounting, document management, dispatch, and IFTA reporting, TruckingOffice can help ace these operational items.

Our experts found out that you can receive reports on what a driver loads, see and optimize maintenance and upkeep expenses, Send premium routing information to the driver, and assign one or more drivers to a route. 

Based on the plan you sign up for, the features list will be different, make sure you choose the best plan for your business so that your employees can take maximum benefit out of it.


$20 per month for a fleet of no more than two trucks. The price increases if you have more than two trucks. 

Sign up for a free trial of the software before you commit to a subscription. 

Axon Trucking Software:

Best for haulers and Brokers 

Axon truck dispatching software has been in use since 1982, with over 16000 users and 54 million loads entered. 

Axon truck dispatching software  works properly with truckload/LTL carriers, livestock, auto, heavy-load shippers, and oil fields etc

Axon trucking dispatching software can be integrated with mileage, routing, and mapping software. The integration allows real-time tracking and fleet management. It also allows vehicle maintenance and reporting through the user-friendly, robust, and convenient mobile app. 


  • Fleet maintenance
  • Dispatch
  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Ticketing
  • Transportation management
  • Reporting


  • Employees get a mobile app
  • Realtime truck speed, position, and location 
  • Custom analytics and reports are available 
  • Identify issues and problem areas to improve operations


  • The software has a big learning curve. 
  • Axon is very expensive compared to other systems. 
  • The tax information is somewhat limited and challenging to use. 


Our experts found out the Axon software is beneficial to truckload/LTL carriers, oilfield, auto, livestock, and heavy-load haulers.

Since 1982, Axon has made accounting, dispatch, maintenance, transportation management, fleet maintenance, ticket software, and IFTA reporting robust and seamless. 

The software integration process is also pretty smooth. You can be connected to your employees or drivers using the mobile app.

There is instant real-time updates on Axon’s software, and every bit of data is automatically updated. You receive instant updates about your dispatch, billing, driver pay, fuel management, fleet maintenance, and accounting.


You need to schedule a demo with the sales department to know more about pricing and special offers that might apply to your company.


Best for 3PL and Brokers

Trimble trucking dispatching software is best for truckload/LTL carriers, private fleets, freight brokers, waste management, oilfield services, and construction.
Founded in 1983 TMW (Trimble) offers transportation management software and products made especially for dispatch, accounting, or fleet maintenance.


  • Free Maintenance reports and analytics
  • Routing and route optimization
  • Safety and compliance support
  • A-class Transportation management



  • Safety tracking is especially easy. 
  • The administration is streamlined for dispatching. 
  • The software is very user-friendly. 
  • Trimble makes driver tracking and route planning easy. 


  • Trimble has a very steep learning curve, this means employees and you need to put double effort to understand the structure and flow of the software.
  • Few user-generated reports are slow to load


Our experts found that Trimble TMS provides value for money, robustness and effectiveness to carrier companies (large and small). Trimble truck dispatching software keeps the cost low and services competitive by giving you significant value daily. 

Our expert reviewers found that Trimble trucking dispatch software provides fleet management, route optimization, dispatch, load planning, fleet maintenance, and equipment management.

Our review team found that Trimble truck dispatching software provides administrative functions such as invoicing, payroll, settlements, document management, and accounting.  

Our review team found that Trimble truck dispatching software provides critical integrations such as ELD, maintenance, EDI, fuel cards, and visibility.

Customers using  Trimble truck dispatching software will get the best value for all modes of transportation which includes FTL, LTL, Intermodal, and Last Mile.

Trimble is especially good for 3PL and brokers.

You need to connect with the sales team and see what features the best fit your needs and then reach a pricing model.


Right truck dispatching software lets you track, and manage dispatch activities from one single app. Whether you are scheduling, doing compliance, or doing routine communication. Even if you are doing task management a good truck dispatching software will support you in doing it the best way. 

Truck dispatching software streamlines every process for your employees and your business. 

You can check out the 5 top trucking dispatch software in North America, to zone in on the best trucking dispatching software that suits your business needs. 

Decide wisely because good software can promote your business's profitability by seamlessly integrating trucking operations, compliance, and communication.

For more information on DispatchFactoringInsurance, and Load board click on the links on this line.

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