Best Truck Dispatch Services

MaxTruckers Truck Dispatch Services is one of the nation’s top best truck dispatching companies. With a team of highly trained dispatchers for truckers, owner operators, and freight companies, you get the best high-paying loads with zero effort.

You focus on your hauls, we get you continuous top paying loads. Hence, we work together to “GROW Your Trucking Business and Maximize Profits”, to which MaxTruckers is highly committed.

MaxTruckers Truck Dispatch Services

  • Lowest DISPATCH rate
    MaxTruckers provides one of the best competitive rates for Dispatch services for truckers and owner operators in the USA. Our rates start from just $200. See the dispatch pricing table for more details. This helps truckers to make more money along with our high-paying loads.
  • high paying loads
    We are a technology-driven company and by deploying machine learning and artificial intelligence we are able to get the best loads and routes for our clients. This along with our highly trained dispatchers for truckers, we GUARANTEE zero-hassle best high-paying loads. We are consistently generating truckloads at an average of $2.5 per mile with our dispatch services.
  • Multiple Load Options
    Based on your preference, we try our best to give you multiple load options in dispatch, with the entire load information. The average final dispatch load option that will be provided to you based on your hauling requirements will be THREE. So you have a choice of loads.
  • Dedicated Dispatcher
    We understand that the success behind every successful load is the strong understanding between the dispatcher and owner operator. We have trained our dispatchers thoroughly on this part. And we provide a dedicated dispatcher who will be your MaxTruckers buddy.
  • FREE Business Reports
    Business is all about data, data interpretation, analysis, and working on improving on the revenue and profits month on month based on the data. We give you weekly and monthly detailed reports of your hauls and performance.
  • NO Forced Dispatch
    We don’t make you commit to loads with us with harsh contract. Also, if you don’t like a load, just reject it. When you get a good-paying load from a broker of your direct contact we, in fact, encourage you to go with him. In case you need a broker credit check, in this case, we will provide it for FREE. Our aim is to provide you high paying good loads.
  • Broker Credit Check
    We run credit on all BROKERS and SHIPPERS against the load that we provide. Our criteria is a minimum broker credit score of 85 plus. By this, we make sure that you will never fall into any kind of trap with a broker or shipper.
  • Broker Negotiation
    We know that making multiple calls, negotiating rates, lack of clarities and uncertainty is what you hate. Our dispatchers are there for this. They negotiate very hard for each load, for you, so that you get the best rate per mile.
  • End to End Paper Works
    We manage all the necessary paperwork involved from booking to post-delivery of the load for you. This includes broker setup, W9, Insurance certificate generation, sending you a copy of all rate confirmation, consolidating rate confirmation/BOL/POD’s/Lumper receipts/scale tickets post-delivery, creating all your invoices, factoring submission, and many more. You just have to drive, we take care of the rest.
  • Complete Driver Assistance
    Our dispatcher – MaxTruckers buddy will guide you or your driver with all the information that you need to pick up and drop off your freight. Along with this we also collect on detention time and lumper’s focus to keep your truck moving.
  • Same Day Payment
    The biggest challenge with an owner operator is cash flow management as you get paid from a broker between 30 to 45 days. But, you have expenses like fuel, maintenance, etc. The best solution for this is Factoring. We provide FREE factoring consultation and connect with you to our VERIFIED, trusted Factoring partners. To encourage you to go with factoring and avoid cash flow issues (which may lead to bigger business disasters) we have special dispatch rates when you choose the “factoring and dispatch service plan”.
  • FREE Start-Up Bonus
    The majority of our clients are new owner operators with less than 2 years of experience in the trucking business. This makes them vulnerable to ruthlessness in business, leading to bankruptcy. We provide lots of free trucking start-up bonuses to our clients. This is just to ensure that you succeed in your trucking business, without burning holes in your pocket.
  • 5 Star Rating on TrustPilot
    MaxTruckers is committed to 100% customer service satisfaction. Our team does lots of hard work to maintain the standards. This has resulted in EXCELLENT reviews with 4.9-star ratings on Trustpilot from owner operators like you.

Dispatch Services for Owner Operators

Jerry Jose, Founder Max Truckers

What makes us one of the best truck dispatching companies?

  • MaxTruckers is the outcome of our founder and logistics expert, Jerry Jose’s vision to give the best tools and products that could make an owner operator succeed in the trucking business.
  • We follow strong work ethics and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Owner operators like you are our STRENGTH, and we try to do our best to GROW your trucking business and MAXIMIZE profits.
  • To revive the conventional trucking industry we integrate Artificial Intelligence to serve you better and are continuously doing Research and Development to improve it.
Best Truck Dispatch Services 3

Transparent & Lowest Truck Dispatching Price

  • Dispatch Only Service
    Rate – $225/Week/Truck

    • High Paying Loads. Average of $2.5 Per Mile
    • Multiple Load Options. Minimum THREE options
    • Dedicated Dispatcher who will be your MaxTruckers Buddy
    • Weekly & Monthly Reports on Your Load Performance
    • Broker Credit Check
    • Broker Negotiation
    • End-to-End Paper Works
    • Driver Assistance
    • Billed Week-to-Week
    • FREE Start-Up Bonus
  • Best Value

    Special Dispatch
    Rate – $200/Week/Truck
    (On Factoring with our In-Network Partners)

    • All in Dispatch Services +
    • GUARANTEED Same Day Payment – FACTORING
    • Factoring Offer – 1% Factoring Rate for the First Month OR Weekly Fuel Line of Credit of $2800
    • From Load to Getting Paid, We Assist
    • FREE Factoring Consultation
    • Multiple Factoring Proposals Based on Your Business Requirements
    • VERIFIED and 100% Trustful Factors
    • Recourse/Non-Recourse Factoring
    • Lowest Factoring Rate
    • Factoring On-Boarding Assistance
    • FREE Start-Up Bonus
  • Premium Pick

    Fleet Dispatch
    Rate – Negotiable (for more than 4 trucks)

    • All in Dispatch & Factoring Services +
    • Bookkeeping
    • Monthly Profit & Loss Statements
    • Year-to-Date Profit & Loss Statement
    • Detailed Profit Plan
    • Unlimited Business Consulting
    • Industry Benchmarking
    • Year-End Federal and State Tax Returns
    • Tax Reconciliation
    • Customized Quarterly Tax Estimates
    • State & Federal Tax Return Filings
    • Review of Prior Tax Returns
    • Amendment of Prior Tax Returns
    • Payroll Services
    • Unlimited Business Consulting

Get FREE Bonus With Our Dispatch Service

  • FREE Knowledge Resources
    Get access to MaxTruckers knowledge portal that helps you to succeed in your trucking business. Videos and e-books on how to do your trucking business in the RIGHT way, compliances, tax returns, etc.
  • FREE 30 Days DAT Load Board
    We don’t do any forced dispatch. If you want to book a load by yourself, we offer you free 30 days DAT load board access. With this, you can save $99.95.

Our Work Timings

8 AM to 5 PM CST