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What is a lease purchase trucking company program? 

As a full-time veteran trucker, it is easy for you to go to the next stage and transform into an owner operator. You can achieve this by purchasing your trucking equipment from a lease purchasing company. You will have an option to make a simple and transparent series of monthly or quarterly payments. 

It’s easy for you as a driver with experience to consider a lease-purchase agreement with a lease-purchase trucking company. You might have been working as a company driver for a long time, lease purchasing is good for you it exposes you to the convenience of becoming an owner operator. This decision to go with lease purchasing will open up new avenues of flexibility and convenience for you.

A lease agreement with the best lease purchase trucking companies is the top option for truckers. This agreement permits you to use your equipment without any encumbrances.  Truckers use the truck during the defined lease period on the basis of other stipulations and conditions.

You as a driver, drive for the leasing company and makes timely lease payments to the leasing company according to the lease agreement. Drivers are responsible and obligated for the maintenance and upkeep of the leased truck. At the end of the lease term, you can complete payment installments and own the truck.  

A few of the disadvantages of zero down lease-purchase trucks may include the following:

  1. End-of-lease balloon payment
  2. Can’t lease without 2 years of OTR experience
  3. Hidden costs

A glance at the best Lease-Purchase Trucking Companies

  1. Top for Accessibility: Swift Transportation 
  2. Top for Multiple Lease Plans: JB Hunt
  3. Top for Flexible Scheduling: PGT Trucking
  4. Top for Comprehensive Support: Nova Lines 

Comparison between Best Trucking Company Lease Purchase in North America:

Image Product Detail
Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation

  • Productivity bonuses
  • Cheaper insurance premiums
  • Detention pay
  • Full-service terminals nationwide.
JB Hunt

JB Hunt

  • Get freight when you want it
  • Discounts on fuel and insurance 
  • Discounts on service and tires
<strong>PGT Trucking Inc</strong>

PGT Trucking Inc

  • Discounts on truck parts and tires
  • Earnings of up to six figures yearly
  • Free trailer rental for the first four weeks
Nova Lines

Nova Lines

  • Only well-maintained trucks and trailers
  • Lease terms range from 3 to 5 years
  • No balloon payment

How Do Best Trucking Company Lease Purchase Work?

Truck lease programs help drivers to quicken the transition from a driver to an owner operator. 

When you sign a truck lease agreement you are buying a equipment or truck from a trucking company. The truck lease contract will mention if you need to make installment payments monthly or quarterly. At the end of the trucking lease contract time frame, you get the ownership of the vehicle, you can either give the vehicle back to the company or  complete the final terms of the lease agreement to take ownership of the truck

According to the lease contract terms, you are the owner operator, but you have to pull the freight from your leasing company and is not allowed to haul loads of other parties.

What Should You Look For in the Best Trucking Company Lease Purchase?

Purchasing a good truck via a lease purchase method is a good way to start your journey as an owner operator. Each company that you lease for offers different requirements, there are pros and cons for each leasing firm. Thus you need to do thorough research on the company you finalize.

Consider payment installments, zero down payment, truckers pay, benefits, tech on the equipment, and finally the routes you would like to take.

Zero Money Down:

The no-money-down truck lease-to-own option is great for drivers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new vehicle purchase. Many lease-purchase companies allow you to enter the contract without putting down a large amount of cash or not having good credit. This way, you can get into a new truck without breaking your bank.

Flexible payment plans on a truck lease allow for payments to be adjusted as needed. Some companies, however, include a high balloon payment at the end of the contract period in order to recoup costs.

Great Pay & Benefits:

There are many benefits to becoming a lease-purchase driver. To begin, the average starting salary can far exceed that of also being an independent contractor. In fact, recent studies have shown that beginning drivers make around $72,800 annually or $37.33 per hour! Not only that but experienced drivers are capable of making even more with rates climbing as high as $180,000 per year for some teams!

Latest Technology & Equipment:

Leasing a truck is an excellent method for keeping your truck up to date on current technology and equipment. Use this option to upgrade you to newer trucks as they come out on the market. In addition, newer trucks have features such as collision mitigation technology that uses radar and sensors to minimize accidents, telematics that monitor vehicles via GPS for onboard diagnostics and record movements, and driver alert systems that use cameras connected to a forward-facing display in the cabin so one can read those vital signs at a glance without having to take their eyes off the road.

Consistent, Stable Routes:

Truck drivers often have to be away from home for weeks at a time due to the schedule constraints placed on them. This disadvantage can be eliminated by signing a lease-purchase agreement with reputable companies that do not require their drivers to adhere to strict schedules or reduce their autonomy over how they run their routes.

Easily Find Jobs and Become Your Own Boss:

Working in trucking is a fulfilling job. Many drivers dream of owning their own equipment someday, lease purchase opens a wide avenue for truckers to be their own boss and buy a good truck. 

You are taking a high-stakes decision while choosing to purchase from a lease purchase company. That is why you must thoroughly research your options. Such research will help you find a lease purchase program that meets your requirements and is reliable. Also, your lease purchase company should provide you the features you are looking for.

Did you know the best lease purchase trucking companies have an outstanding lease program that helps to assist drivers?

But you need to know that the rate at which these programs fail is very high. A lease purchase program is a fantastic financial tool that helps you the driver to be your own boss. Also, you need to go through every clause or dots and dashes of your contract. This research and prep work will enable you to understand what to expect from the trucking company that is providing the deal.

Given Below are Some of the Best Trucking Company Lease Purchase with Excellent Lease Purchase Programs:

Swift Transportation:

Special Features:

Robust and flexible freight options

Parking is available at all terminals

Licensing and permits paid by the company

A truck leasing company is like a car leasing company. But instead of cars, they focus on trucks. One great truck leasing company is Swift Transportation. 

You will be glad to know that Swift Transportation has a fleet of 15,000 modern trucks and boasts a very structured and streamlined lease-purchase contract.

To put it simply, as soon as you arrive at an agreement with Swift for their services, your business can hit the road so to speak! 

All 15,000+ trucks come with computer components that help you keep tabs on things from afar without the aid of an employee on the ground, which is essential when there are so many trucks transporting such varying amounts of goods on any given day.

Transporting vehicles for a living can be quite lucrative for you and your family, especially if you work for Swift Transportation. 

Not only is an extensive benefits program in place as part of your salary package, but one may also enjoy quick insurance incentives. For example, the company offers paid safety orientation and vehicular accident bonus plans during their first stint with the company.

You will further enjoy dental, vision care, retirement savings plans, and spouse / family assistance programs as well. In addition to this, Swift Transportation drivers are licensed to drive any kind of vehicle they prefer such as a local route on the Pacific Highway (route 395) or cross border trucks right up to flatbed trucks in Utah or Washington where transports are regularly spread over long-haul assignments.


  • Productivity bonuses
  • Cheaper insurance premiums
  • Detention pay
  • Full-service terminals nationwide.


  • Favourtisim inside the company
  • Weak customer support
  • Lowest pay among lease purchase companies

JB Hunt

Special Features:

Lease terms from 12 to 36 months

Flexible weekly repayments

Multiple lease plans 

JB Hunt is a great lease purchase trucking company that offers multiple purchase options. This makes it easy for drivers under any financial situation to be able to get the most competitive pay packages, and drivers can usually become owners of their trucks in less than two years! Regardless of credit score and financial standing, cargo haulers can choose from as many as 10 different financing options to meet their specific needs.

There are many JB Hunt leasing options in which drivers can have access.

They range from basic plans like the Performance Percentage Plan, Performance Mileage Plan, the Basic Mileage Plan, and the Basic Percentage Plan to incentive programs like recurring lease cash payments or student discounts. It’s safe to say that regardless of what type of driver you are (those who want to bring home more cash or those who would rather reduce their monthly payments), JB Hunt has you covered with all types of plans!

JB Hunt provides a variety of five different payment plans that range in interest rates and length of payments. The five plans from JB Hunt are the Basic Percentage Plan, Performance Percentage Plan, Performance Mileage Plan, Basic Mileage Plan, and the Overdrive Plus Plan.


  • Get freight when you want it
  • Discounts on fuel and insurance 
  • Discounts on service and tires


  • Activity Based Pay, Long Hours

PGT Trucking Inc:

Special Features: 

$5,000 driver referral bonus

$0 down and flexible financing

Excellent percentage pay

Note that PGT Trucking is another top trucking company in the country. The company has one of the best commercial truck leasing programs and it provides support all the way through.

Keep in mind that as PGT Trucking is a large trucking company, it offers you flexible scheduling and other financial incentives that will help you succeed.

PGT Trucking Inc. has so many advantages for its commercial truck drivers. Not only does the company offer various financial incentives to help you sell your trucks but it also helps you with maintenance repairs and there are even a number of routes wide open throughout the country where you can choose to drive.

What’s more, if you need to upgrade or if you already have a fuel-efficient new truck – PGT Trucking Inc. has some of the best lease-purchase plans on the market, in fact, they’re among the industry leaders! So if you’re looking to purchase your first truck, or would like to expand your fleet – then PGT Trucking is probably one of the most suitable options out there due to their fair and transparent pricing.


  • Discounts on truck parts and tires
  • Earnings of up to six figures yearly
  • Free trailer rental for the first four weeks


  • Equipment, fleet managers are terrible

Nova Lines:

Special Features: 

Consistent revenue stream

Choose your own routes

Return every week or drive four weeks in a row

Check out our ‘Pathway to Ownership’ program and lease trucks from Nova Lines! Our ‘Pathway to Ownership’ program makes the decision-making process for those starting up under their own wing a lot easier.

You can choose between leasing automatic and manual transmissions through one of our flexible three to five-year lease agreements which will keep your monthly payments manageable without unnecessary hidden costs!

Nova Lines is a top lease purchase trucking company. One of the most appealing things about this company is the flexible plan options available to lease purchase drivers that many other companies don’t offer – which gives customers ultimate control over their leasing situations, allowing them to choose which lease plan works best for their individual needs at that particular time.


  • Only well-maintained trucks and trailers
  • Lease terms range from 3 to 5 years
  • No balloon payment


  • Truck payment and weekly expenses are high 

Other urgent requirements for an owner operator or trucker:

There are a few operational adjustments an owner operator should make while he/she is in the nascent stages of operation. Like enlisting a dispatcher help you get good and well-paid loads.

Secondly, you need a good insurance agency or provider covering you for various circumstances or policy types. You need to take 3rd party liability, cargo, uninsured motorist, trailer, or equipment insurance.

We need to enlist a factor that has competitive rates and above par service quality to make your business financial bottleneck-free. This will help you to have a good cash flow and working capital.

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Are you an Owner Operator or New Carrier? Receive a complimentary Start-Up kit valued at $1500 to Grow your Business and Maximise Profits. Features of Start-Up kit:

Product Pricing

Loads just at

1) Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed (Hybrid Model)- $49/Week/Truck + 3% of Weekly Revenue

2) Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed (Fixed Model)- 5% of Weekly Revenue

3) Power Only (Hybrid Model)- $49/Week/Truck + 4% of Weekly Revenue

Fuel Card

  1. TCS: Q4 of 2023 was 54 cents per gallon along with $0 transaction fees for in-network fuel purchases
  2. RoadEX Fuel Credit Card; up to $6000 / per week


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