This article is a comprehensive review of the TCS Fuel Card.

TransConnect Services (TCS) provides small fleets and owner operators with superior discounts at the diesel pump. TCS has a grand reward program-controlled and secured through their fuel cards.

TCS enables you to earn massive rewards as fuel discounts at fuel stations and truck stops. TCS card is the best option for you to ensure your finances stay safe, and you’re compliant with trucking reporting and analytics requirements.

Fuel cards can help owner operators or small fleet owners save tons of money while filling up at diesel pumps or maintenance visits. The owner operator sets up the parameters and uses cases for the fuel card.

The fuel card provides the industry’s best rewards and discounts for truckers/owner operators. To use the card simply swipe and enter the details at a diesel pump or a truck stop.

You can set the parameters for your use cases. Set up a care plan that works for your drivers and your circumstances.

No matter if you are a one-truck operation or a big fleet, savings and rewards happen through the use of TCS fuel cards. That is why they are leveling the playing field with fuel discounts and rewards for owner operators and small players in the USA.

To know more about TCS fuel cards see the below explainer video:

1. Merits of the TCS fuel card

1: Savings On Fuel: 

We found that TCS gives you a cost-plus discount compared to the Retail minus discount given by other popular cards during our review. Because of this, their customers can save 35 to 40 cents per gallon. You can save up to $7000 per year, per truck using our card.

2: Networks Where Fuel Card Can Be Used or where do you get tcs fuel card discounts:

Our reviewers found out that you get cost plus discounts at 1100 locations across the United States and Canada. TA Petro, AMBEST, Sapp Bros, Road Ranger, Roady’s, PWI, etc

3: Cost of Owning A Fuel Card:

Our trucking experts found that there is No signup fees, no annual fees, no hidden charges

Tires and Service discounts at all TA & Petro service centers. use the TCS fuel finder app to find all the in-network locations dotted along your route. If you have more than one card or more than one driver, they help you manage your fleet fuel purchases.

4: TCS fuel card customer service:

During our review process, customer support is amazing, you always have a person (in the US call center) to answer your queries. 

5: Technology Used:

Fuel Finder:

Our technology experts found that the TCS fuel finder app can be used to find in-network located dotted around your trucking route to find the best discounts on fuel, maintenance, tire change, oil change, etc

Real-Time Transactions:

We were able to track when, where and who is executing the transaction. Each transaction will be sorted, bucketed then sent to the bookkeeping software.

How to add money to TCS fuel card?:

You can use ACH, Zelle RFP, Wire, Western Union, Fuel Check, Partner Funding to fund the TCS fuel card.

Card Control:

Each card can be customized separately so you have total control over the fuel card.

You can use the flexibility of TCS card programs to customize a card with different fuel limits, cash limits or for vehicle repairs (tire repair or lubricant purchase), parking fees, etc

Know more about tech tools for drivers TCS offers

See the video to know how to save up to 40 cents per gallon on fuel buys using TCS Fuel Card.

2. Special features that make TCS fuel card the best in the industry:

TCS Fuel Card clients save an average of 37 cents* per gallon on in-network diesel fuel purchases at more than 1,000 truck stops nationwide! these are the benefits of the TCS Card

  •   NO  (set up fees, membership fees, annual fees)
  •  $0.00 transaction fees for all in-network fuel transactions and $3.00 for all out-of-network transactions
  •  Free access to the TCS fuel card app and TCS client website for 24/7 account management, card maintenance (activate/deactivate cards, set purchase limits, etc.), issue checks, view payments & statements, view transaction reporting, and much more!
  •  Free access to 24/7 customer service
  • Free Fuel Finder to locate the best fuel prices in your area or along your route

3. Demerits of the TCS fuel card:

Savings on fuel, maintenance and upkeep, and driver amenities happen in network locations. But most savings happen on diesel fuel. Drivers need to keep a track of their location and how close they are to individual fuel stations which give them discounts.

These in-network locations are few and far between, there are about 1000 locations available, though it is easy to find these locations using the fuel finder app. 

4. TCS fuel card reviews and public opinion about the TCS fuel card:

TCS fuel card is aimed at owner-operators and small fleet owners. It helps to level the playing field for small players. TCS gives the power of huge discounts that big fleets enjoy while buying fuel, doing maintenance, and upkeep.

Owner operators and fleet owners find it easy to operate and they enjoy huge discounts on fuel when fueling at an in-network location. TCS card makes setting limits easier, using ACH transactions for loading the card helps you to avoid loading fees. 

Most of the reviewers on Facebook, Birdeye, and BBB are very satisfied with the card. They are especially happy with the huge discounts on fuel, truck maintenance and upkeep, and driver amenities.

A brief overview of user sentiment, people are happy because of these factors:

  • People are happy because they can load the card through various transaction types
  • TCS fuel card discounts of 35¢ to 63¢ in network locations
  • Owner operator friendly card options
  • TCS helps you to tailor-make your cards according to your needs.
  • Service discounts at TA Petro, AMBEST, Sapp Bros, Road Ranger, Roady’s, PWI, etc means you get top class service at disocunted price.
  • Cards are totally free for any number of users.

5. What we found in our review of TCS Fuel Card? 

Overall sentiment about the brand is positive and We have found that the TCS fuel card is suitable for small owner operators or fleet owners to gain huge discounts on fuel buys, truck maintenance, and upkeep.

TCS fuel cards are easy to set up, simple to use, and provide a ton of savings. The only caveat is you need to search for in-network fuel card locations (truck stops and gas stations) beforehand to enjoy superior discounts on fuel and maintenance. It’s easy to locate a network station or truck stop beforehand using the TCS fuel finder app.

The TCS fuel cards cater to the needs of small owner-operators or fleet owners by allowing customization that helps their needs. The TCS card is reliable and saves you the small fleet owner or owner operator a ton of money by exposing you to their super in-network rewards program. 

Opt for high fuel savings at the pump by selecting TCS Fuel cards now.

Other urgent requirements for a owner operator:

There are few operational adjustments an owner operator should make while he/she is in nascent stages of operation. Like enlisting a dispatcher to help you get good and well paid loads.

Secondly you need a good insurance agency/provider covering you for various circumstances/policy types. You need to take 3rd party liability, cargo, uninsured motorist, trailer/equipment insurance.

We need to enlist a factor who have competitive rates and above par service quality to make your company financial bottle neck free. This will help you to have a good cashflow and working capital.