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TBS Factoring Review

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Factoring Rates As Low As 1.25% 

TBS factoring service amalgamates services and technology to help truckers and owner operators establish, find loads, stay compliant, and get paid faster. They offer recourse and nonrecourse. TBS works especially with trucking companies, nonrecourse factoring is costlier than recourse one.

TBS Factoring experience and portfolio of services:

TBS is based out of Oklahoma City, the family of companies includes truckers' bookkeeping service, TBS  factoring service, and Elite dispatch. TBS has 50-odd years of experience in handling everything for truckers through their services except driving. TBS provides cashflow solutions, insurance down payment assistance, compliance & permitting assistance, and free authority processing. They also provide 24/7 account service and much more.

Transportation or freight factoring is easy and transformative with TBS. TBS has experience of 50 years and they have developed cutting-edge finance management technology solutions for trucking and freight operations.

TBS also provides cutting-edge back office support and documentation services, so that you can focus on driving and making money.

Their mobile technology platform is driving change in the freight and transportation industry.

You enjoy world-class service from our seasoned, dependable, and dedicated staff. Their services are directed toward making you successful in the trucking and transportation industry.

TBS Factoring Approach:

TBS’ approach to the factoring business is gimmick-free and simple freight factoring services. We found out that they provide custom cash flow products that suit your business. Their service is friendly, considerate, and helpful. TBS clients gain freedom from office hassles and paperwork by factoring with them. They offer fair and easy-to-understand rates.

TBS Factoring service makes trucking easier with its technology and services. TBS helps owner operators, drivers, or business owners get established, stay compliant, find loads, and get paid faster.

TBS Factoring Benefits:

TBS factoring gives liquidity to owner operators, drivers, and business owners by factoring in trucking invoices. So that you don’t have to wait 30 to 60 days for your bills receivables, You get paid the same day that you deliver the load. Review rating for TBS Trust Pilot 3.6/5, BBB 1/5 accredited

Setting Up with TBS is pretty simple. Simply send them your qualified freight bills with proof of delivery, and they send you money, It's as easy as that.

TBS also runs credit checks on the customers and shippers who would work with you. This will help you make informed decisions on which load to haul, and which brokers or companies to work with.


  • Non Recourse Rate 4.5%
  • Recourse 0-15 days 1.5%, 16-30days 2.5%
  • Fuel Advances 
  •   Low Flat Rates 
  • No Long-Term Commitment 
  • No Reserves 
  • Quick Pay available



TBS doesn't hold a reserve on the invoices you factor, they give you 100% advance on your invoice. 

Qualification for TBS’ factoring program is simple and easy, there’s no minimum credit score, no monthly factoring minimum, and even startups or new businesses are eligible. 

They also offer additional benefits like fuel card and free credit checks on your would-be customers etc.

Many customers are really mad about the bad quality of service, many have expressed that in the Trust Pilot reviews. These are the disadvantages of their factoring program:

  • Family-owned business with low professionalism
  • customer service has become bad
  • Max 5% rate for nonrecourse program

There are some norms and conditions which reduce the ease of doing business with TBS factoring. Like notice period, fuel card charge, escrow etc.

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