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RTS Fuel Card for Truckers Review

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Good for trucking service bundle purchase, like factoring, fuel card and insurance.

RTS Financial's single fleet card program, RTS Fuel Card, was designed specifically for truckers and trucking fleets. As you might expect, the program is all about discounts. The card has a very small acceptance network of just over 2,000 US stations, but RTS Financial claims that cardholders get an average discount of 25 cents per gallon of fuel at those locations. The program also offers point-of-sale discounts at 1,000 Pilot Flying J and Speedway truck stops across the country.

The RTS Fuel Card not only gets you exclusive discounts on preventative maintenance, tires, and more at 90 truck care locations, including Pilot Flying J, Boss Shop, and Sapp Bros., but you can also get a 35% discount on your fuel tax software.

Core Strengths of RTS Fuel card:
  • ProTransport software for fleet management is available as an integration with the RTS fuel card.
  • Save on an average of 25¢ per gallon at over 2,000 fuel stations.
  • Find rebates and discounts on hundreds of fuel stations, including Casey's, Pilot Flying J, Sapp Bros, and more.
  • Plan routes, find the cheapest diesel, check to park, find dining spots and get more info on truck stops using (RTS Pro Mobile App)
  • Get POS discounts on 760 odd Pilot Flying J locations Pan America.
  • No contract and no yearly or annual fees and it’s not transparent about other fees.

Demerits of RTS Fuel Card:

  • Less converge in many parts of the US, and only has a network of 2000+ stations
  • No card block or transaction alert facility 
  • To find card charges of your specific account you need to get in touch with the RTS customer care

RTS Financial does not charge any annual fees for its card. In addition, RTS does not require a contract, making it a more flexible option for businesses. Although the company does not publicize its pricing, the lack of annual fees suggests that there may be more regular charges associated with using the card.

Pros and Cons of RTS fuel card:


  • 25¢ per gallon average saving
  • Bundled with a fuel card you get Pro Transport (trucking software) access
  • Free credit reports
  • Other discounts (maintenance, discounts on tires, tax services, lodging, document scanning, etc )
  • Discounts at Pilot Flying J, Speedway locations
  • Factoring and fuel card combo brings a lot of savings
  • Offers weekly credit lines to individual trucks
  • Additional savings at some partner fuel stations
  • No contract or annual fees


  • In-network locations are very few, only 2000

You can find how much you are charged for your RTS card, you can connect directly with the company or use an online quote generator. 

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