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We are introducing our new and robust factoring referral program for small trucking businesses and owner operators/truckers. This affiliate/referral program has many great benefits.

We will be thoroughly laying out its benefits, highlights, and drawbacks below in the main article.

Introduction to MaxTrucker Factoring Offering

The factoring program of trucking companies is an essential business support mechanism for small, medium, and large trucking companies. 

Every trucking company which gets loads from a broker/ freight shipper knows that your customers pay you only after 30, 60, or even 90 days this creates a cash shortage in your business. This interim cash shortage will affect the liquidity of small businesses in the B2B (business-to-business) or B2G (business-to-government) sectors.

Benefits of MaxTruckers Referral Program

A factoring company provides you with cash by buying your trucking accounts receivables or invoices. A factor usually takes 1% to 5% cut/discount on your invoice as their share. 

All trucking companies need this service because shippers/brokers delay invoice payments. So to have ample working capital you need to factor your invoices to mitigate your customers’ slow invoice paying habits.

Maxtruckers through its factoring partners provide you with a payment today for work done today mechanism for a small fee. This allows businesses to operate without taking working capital loans or any other debt.

We provide recourse and non recourse factoring for truckers/ owner operators.

All our partnered factoring companies are verified by our team and are handpicked. This ensures 100% safety for your business.

Advantage Broker Referral Program:

Take advantage of MaxTruckers’ referral program or our broker program to help fellow owners operators, fleet owners, drivers flourish. 

Also with that, you get a referral commission of $150, when your referee does an invoice funding transaction with us.

So, now that you know the benefits of factoring. You would be willing to either get a factoring contract for yourself or refer a fellow trucker or a small/medium trucking company. 

We offer the absolute BEST factoring service in the country.

With MaxTruckers you get  3 separate factoring contracts from the tailor-made list of factoring companies that match your business type, operations, broker norms, and conditions. 

MaxTruckers is offering a factoring referral program, If you have a friend, client, or relative who is looking for truck factoring you may refer them to us. 

We will tell you the benefits of referring a business or trucker to our factoring program. MaxTruckers believe in giving TRUE value to owner operators with which you can grow your business fast.

By referring your friend or a business associate you help them to boost their business by allowing them to boost their cash flow and earn more profit by factoring with us.

Why refer your contacts/associates/customers to us?

MaxTruckers provide reliable liquidity/cash flow management options for small and medium truckers and owner operators. We help your associates/clients to face the cash flow challenges with flying colors. Your referee’s benefit while working with us in multiple ways such as:

  • Referee’s get competitive factoring quotes in 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Robust and free of charge back office support
  • Dedicated MaxTrucker buddies (relationship managers)
  • Free and total credit check on new customers/shippers/brokers
  • Online account access

Details of a referral program for trucking agents/brokers/dispatchers etc

If you know a small trucking business, fleet, or a driver who could benefit from our services simply refer them to us and receive $150 immediately after they factor with us and they get their account funded.

And there is no upper limit for referral if you have a list of friends you refer them all and earn a handsome referral income in the process.

You get an easy way to earn a little extra cash while helping your fellow owner operators and trucking companies benefit from invoice factoring.

Many agents/brokers/ dispatchers are earning $1000 every month by referring their customers.

These are the highlights of MaxTruckers factoring program:

  • Factoring rate starts @1% and goes upto 3.5%
  • Fuel line of credit of Upto $6000 per week
  • Accounts receivable financing services for small-sized trucking and freight operators.
  • Professional bill/invioce collection, credit management  and online reporting for our esteemed clients 
  • Epitome of flexibility with no binding term contracts, no minimums, and no monthly fees.
  • Quick and no nonsense solutions to client’s cash flow problems with fast response times to get deals done.
  • Multiple factoring proposals from best factoring companies , from top rated (5 Star rated factors) truck factoring companies
  • 24/7 customer support from our MaxTrucker Buddies or relationship managers.
  • 100% verified factoring companies
  • Recourse & Non-Recourse factoring

These are the benefits of MaxTruckers factoring referral program:

  • Impartial, fair, and free consultation
  • Proposals designed as per your business nature
  • Multiple factoring proposals
  • 100% Pre-verified, handpicked & trustworthy factoring companies ONLY
  • Dedicated MaxTruckers buddy for factoring consultation
  • Regular quality check of the factor

Given below is the referral process for MaxTruckers factoring:

Step 1 – You refer a person to us via the referral form 

Step 2 – We will get in touch with the person and help him in factoring.

Step 3 – Once the factoring contract is signed up and the first invoicing is done we will intimate you of the same.

Step 4 – You receive $150 per referral in 30 days of your referee’s first invoicing.

Your associate/friend/client will get a lot of benefits by associating with MaxrTruckers factoring program like:

(a) 1% factoring rate for the first month OR fuel line of credit Up to $6000

(b) Multiple factoring proposals from top factoring companies

(c) Our 5 star rated Service. We have rated 5 Stars on platforms like Trustpilot

 Also, they can consume world-class trucking products and services that Maxtruckers provides and improve their trucking operations.

We provide DAT load boards, Trucking Insurance, Dispatching, and Fuel cards for small owner-operators and medium fleets.

We also  provide extra benefits for owner operators and small business, they get a  Start-Up Kit Worth $500, which includes:

– Free fuel card with the highest savings of up to 59 cents per gallon

– List of 300 brokers who ready to work with new owner-operators

– 30 days free DAT load board access

– Access to MaxTruckers knowledge resource

– Dispatch at the lowest rate of $49 per week (only for SEMI)

Above are the benefits, pros, and cons of the factoring referral programs, you can get business value by associating with MaxTruckers factoring referral programs. Your client will get top-notch services from the industry’s best factors and solve their liquidity problems. You also get to take home a handsome commission for referring us to your friend/client/associate etc.

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