If you are looking for the best truck dispatching companies in the USA, this article will help you to choose the right one. Before you finalize a dispatch company, you need to check whether you really need a dispatcher or not, can the dispatcher help you, the costing, the return on investment, etc.

A good dispatcher for owner operator truckers is someone who understands your business needs perfectly and who eventually becomes your virtual office assistant.

This article will guide you with this.

Top 5 Best Dispatching Companies

Dispatch Company


MaxTruckers Dispatch

Flat $225 Per Week 

Genius Dispatch 

5.5% Gross Revenue Per Week

Four Keys Logistics

 10% Gross Revenue Per Week

Dispatch America 

10% Gross Revenue Per Week

FleetCare Group

3.5% Gross Revenue Per Week

Top Pick
MaxTruckers Dispatch


Lowest Dispatch Rate
  • Lowest dispatch rate of just $225 per week
  • Highest rate per mile (average $2.5)
  • Multiple load options 
  • Dedicated Dispatcher (MaxTrucker buddy)
  • Free business reports 
  • No forced dispatch
  • Broker credit check 
  • Best broker negotiation 
  • End to End paperwork
  • Complete driver assistance 
  • Same day payment
  • Free startup bonus 
  • A five-star rating in TrustPilot

Comparison of the Top Dispatchers for Truckers in the USA :

MaxTruckers Dispatch9.5

MaxTruckers DispatchRank #1

  • Lowest dispatch rate of just $225 per week
  • Multiple load options 
  • Highest Rate Per Mile – $2.5
  • Dedicated Dispatcher (MaxTrucker buddy)
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Genius Dispatch8.5

Genius DispatchRank#2

  • 2 Month Contract (Minimum)
  • 5.5% Gross revenue per week
  • 53′ Dry Van, 53′ Reefer, 48′ and 53′ Flatbed
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Four Keys Logistics8.00

Four Keys LogisticsRank#3

  • 10% Gross Revenue Per Week, Whichever is Less
  • Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Step-Deck
  • No Commitment Required
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Dispatch America7.50

Dispatch AmericaRank#4

  • 10% fee
  • Dry Van, Flatbed, Step Deck, Refrigerated, Power Only
  • No Contract
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Fleet Care Group7.00

FleetCare GroupRank#5

  • 3.5% of load fee
  • Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Step Deck
  • No Contracts
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Review of Top Dispatching Companies in the USA

1. MaxTruckers Dispatch:

MaxTruckers Truck Dispatch Services is one of the nation’s top best truck dispatching companies. With a team of highly trained dispatchers for truckers, owner operators, and freight companies, you get the best high-paying loads with zero effort. Below are the strong points of MaxTruckers dispatch based on our evaluation.

Lowest Dispatch Rate of $225 per Week

Compared to the industry standards of the dispatch rate, that range from 7% to 10% Max Truckers charges you a small fee of just $225 per week. This itself can save you tons of money a year.

Super High Paying Loads of $3 RPM

We had discussed the need for high-paying loads in terms of Rate Per Mile (RPM), which is also termed as Dollar Per Mile. Max Truckers has been consistently providing an average of $2.5.

With the integration of technology and highly trained dispatchers, the quarterly business reports show that they are even giving loads above $3.

Minimum 03 Load Options

It is your business that a Dispatcher has to take care of. It is wrong if you are forced to ply a route that is not conducive for you for any reason. A good dispatcher has to give multiple load options.

Max Truckers give a minimum of 3 load options on a particular route.

This is possible for them as they have a built-in dedicated route analyzer, and use their own software that they built over the years.

Dedicated Dispatcher

Though the company has more than 50 dispatchers, you don’t have to worry whether you will be answered via a call center. Once you are onboarded with MaxTruckers dispatch service, they will assign you a dedicated dispatcher, with whom you will be working closely.

The average life span an owner-operator works with Max Truckers dispatch is 03 years, which is extremely high.

Virtual Office Assistant

The dedicated dispatcher also acts as your virtual office assistant. They will manage all the necessary paperwork involved from booking to post-delivery of the load for you.

And this work includes broker setup, W9, Insurance certificate generation, transferring you a copy of all rate confirmation, getting and compiling rate confirmation/BOL/POD’s/managing Lumper receipts/submitting invoices to factors, etc. Here you save cost on a business assistant.

For new owner operators this is a great boon in cutting costs, but at the same time, your business is under your control.

End-to-end dealing with Brokers

Owner operators who have tried hunting loads themselves know very well that it is a tedious task to contact brokers, do negotiation, conform to the load, etc.

What MaxTruckers does is that they work only with reputed brokers. The brokers’ credit history is checked. They only provide dispatch to owner-operators of brokers who have a minimum credit score of 85. This ensures safety for truckers’ businesses.

The tedious task of broker negotiation is done seamlessly by them as they have good broker relations.

Along with historical data, they know what is the best dispatch rate for a particular route, based on many factors. This combined with trained dispatchers’ efficiency, the Max Truckers dispatchers negotiate very hard.

The irony here is when the negotiated rate is high it is the owner operator who is going to be benefitted as they are not charging as a percentage from you on the load value.

This means all the benefits of hard negotiation are transferred to owner operators.

Full Driver Assistance

Your dispatcher from MaxTruckers will maintain a close relationship with you/your driver. Assistance on road is very much important in the trucking business.

All the necessary information pertaining to the route, the loads, pick up and drop information, etc are communicated well.

Factoring Assistance & Get Dispatch Rate at $200 Only

Max Truckers have partnered with multiple factoring companies and they provide free factoring assistance.

If owner operators avail factoring service through Max Truckers, they provide a more discounted dispatch rate which is just $200.

Max Truckers factoring provides a carrier with multiple offers from the top best factoring companies in the USA.

5 Star Reviews from Owner Operators

It does not matter if you are getting a low-cost price on dispatch, the key is the outcome of the payment that you do. Though the cost of dispatch is extremely low with them, they have not compromised on the service quality.

They are one of the most highly rated Dispatchers in TrustPilot. Everyone knows that TrustPilot is one of the best review sites.

Unlike other trucking businesses, they managed to get high ratings, only through their customer-centric approach.

Start-Up Kit for New Owner Operators

Many of the new owner operators fail to grow their business due to lack of knowledge, low and/or no operational efficiency, and traps created by many service providers within the industry.

The number of trucking businesses that are filing bankruptcy is extremely high in the USA. The core issue of the business failures is attributed to their lack of knowledge on how to run a business. We have seen that many of the owner-operators were initially drivers, they have very little business experience, ultimately which increases the chances of failure.

Max Truckers helps new owner operators with many educational resources, tools, and software for free.

They even have started MaxTruckers University to educate owner operators.

Type of Trucks Dealt by MaxTruckers

MaxTruckers dispatch service is provided for SEMI trucks.

They help owner operators with flatbed, reefer, and dry van.

Soon they are going to start dispatch service for box trucks and hotshots. As of now, they are serving only SEMIs.

The given below are the benefits of MaxTruckers dispatch service.


  • Lowest dispatch rate (225 per week/ per truck)
  • Highest rate per mile (average $2.5)
  • Multiple load options
  • Dedicated Dispatcher (MaxTrucker buddy)
  • Free business reports
  • No forced dispatch
  • Broker credit check
  • Best broker negotiation
  • End to End paperwork
  • Complete driver assistance
  • Same day payment
  • Free startup bonus
  • Five star rating in TrustPilot



We in our review found that with MaxTruckers truckers/owner operators focusing on your hauls, we get you continuous top paying loads. Hence, you can “GROW Your Trucking Business and Maximize Profits”.

2. Genius Dispatch

Genius Dispatch excels in its pricing (they charge a small percentage of the load price). This means they have a positive incentive to negotiate good and highly paying loads for you.

They don’t have any dispatch contracts, they care about the price and truck ops services and paperwork support services they provide.

Genius Dispatch is invested in the profitability of your business, they support you to get high-paying loads and manage your business well. They offer a wide variety of services like invoice management and detention requests.


  • 24/7 Multilingual Dispatch Team with a +7 years experience in the trucking industry.
  • Personal Assistant is committed to making sure you receive your payments on time of every single load booking with us.
  • As your back-office, we will be on top of all paperwork, such as Detentions, Layovers, Lumper fees, and Setup Packets.
  • Dedicated Dispatcher assigned for Fleets Above 5 Trucks or more.
  • They make sure that your trucks will always be loaded and profitable! No need to mention we are the best, WE PROVE IT!



Genius Dispatch provides services to owner operators, independent truckers, carriers, and fleet owners with their own DOT and MC certification. It’s in their own interest to provide you with the best paying loads.

Genius dispatch supports dry vans, reefer, flatbeds. We find your best truck loads in the US.
They help you be in the green (profitable) from the word go. They support and help you to reach your business goals. Their credo is you are successful then we are successful.

3. Four Keys Logistics

Four Keys Logistics democratizes dispatch, they provide quality service like end-to-end paperwork, negotiation, other mandatory payment that was earlier enjoyed by large trucking companies. Four Keys Logistics provides services like:

24/7 access to a dedicated dispatcher
They handle all your account receivables
They handle all your broker setup packets
They work with your insurance to provide insurance certificates to your customers
They work with shippers to acquire dedicated freight for your truck

Four Keys Logistics develops custom trucking lane-based own your time/schedule priorities, family priorities, and business priorities.


  • Shipper direct freight possibilities, Fourkeys is a brokerage as well as a trucking company with 13+ years in business.
  • All dispatchers are CDL holders and/or have a background in trucking.
  • We utilize SONAR market data to “intelligently dispatch” our carriers.
  • We do it better than the rest, you won’t find a better dispatch service, Guaranteed!



Four Keys uses industry-leading software to acquire insights about the freight market, this allows you to run more efficiently and profitably. This software prowess reduces deadheads and makes you to and fro haul highly profitable.

They have been operating in the Trucking industry as a dispatcher and broker for a long time. Four Keys can leverage these shippers/brokers to get you the best load with high pay.

4. FleetCare Group

FleetCare provides owner operators/fleet owners with the best paying loads based on the load criteria that you select. They consider individual preferences & needs. During FleetCare review we found that they give the highest market rates, available choices of loads in the market.

Fleetcare Services include:
24/7 dispatching services
Finding the best loads with the best rates
Permanent load planning
Negotiations with brokers during loading and unloading, compensation for downtime
Сommunication and support during the entire load process
Preparation of the necessary documents
Personal route planning


  • Working with 10+ Load boards Dedicated lanes
  • 24/7 Assistance Rate Negotiation Credit Check Paperwork
  • Set up Request Certificates of Insurance Assisting drivers with directions TONU, Detention assistance.
  • Additional: – Safety – ELD Monitoring, Audit, Logbooks Assistance. – Accounting – Billing, Invoicing



We found that FleetCare is a very efficient and effective way to get loads for your trucking business. They have a multilingual call center and a good customer support center. Their team of 40+ specialists has supported owner operators for 6 years.

FleetCare is a good option for owner-operators looking for a reasonable and robust dispatching company. The fee per dispatch is 3.5% of the load charge, which is affordable. They do not have dispatch contracts.

5. Dispatch America

We found in our review that Dispatch America is an A-class dispatcher it lets you do what you do the best, i.e. drive. The below are the services that they offer

  • 1.) Pinpoint freight and connect you with a load that aptly matches your Truck Profile
    2.) Negotiate the best rates with brokers/shipper for you
    3.) Check credit score with your Factoring Company.
    4.) Sign and secure the rate confirmation
    5.) Customer service, forward load details, Dates, times,
    pick up, and delivery information.
    6.) Set all appointments if required
    7.) Provide daily check calls as required
    8.) Email/Text pick up and delivery Information
    9.) Request fuel advances for each load
  • 10.) Provide free load board postings


  • Personal Dispatcher 24/7
  • Customer Service
  • Back Office Support
  • Personal Online Trucking Software
  • 3% Factoring Non Recourse
  • Fuel Advances
  • Driver ELD Program



We found that Dispatch America provides back great back-office work which includes:

Set up your carrier packet, complete the shipper/broker agreements on the carrier’s behalf, check customers credit with the factoring company for approval, create an invoice for each shipment, assist in setting up a factoring company if one is required, manage your paperwork, assist with customer and factoring company issues on your behalf.

Dispatch America provides best-in-class dispatch services for dry Vans, flatbeds, step decks, refrigerated trucks & power only trailers.

Their dispatch payment options are very helpful for owner operators/truckers which are: Pay per load
pay by the week, volume discounts for fleets.

The above features and services make Dispatch America a contender for the best dispatch company in the USA.

How to choose the right truck dispatching company?

Consider these 5 points when you choose a truck dispatching company.

Truck Dispatch Rates:

In the United States of America, the average dispatch rate is 10%. If you get the best rates it is a no-brainer whether to choose one or not. MaxTruckers Truck Dispatch Service offers one of the most competitive rates of just $225.

High Rate Per Mile (RPM)

More than finding the loads, a Truck Dispatcher should be proficient in generating a high rate per mile or dollar per mile. This is the true money that you make when you haul. Never settle to loads with less rate per mile.

If you feel that RPM is less, then beware it is time to switch your Dispatcher.

Dedicated Dispatcher as Virtual Office Assistant

The success mantra behind every successful load is the strong understanding between the dispatcher and owner operator. The fun part with a good dispatch company, the dispatcher becomes your virtual office assistant.

Dispatch companies are a real boon for small owner operators who want to cut their expenses. Because the dispatcher will be running the back-office work for him.

Some of the important activities a dispatcher for owner operator does are given below:

  1. Entire paper works will be taken care of – All the necessary paperwork involved from booking to post-delivery of the load for you should be taken care by the dispatcher. This includes broker setup, W9, Insurance certificate generation, sending you a copy of all rate confirmation, consolidating rate confirmation/BOL/POD’s/Lumper receipts/scale tickets post-delivery, creating all your invoices, factoring submission, and many more. 
  2. Driver Assistance – The dispatcher has to guide you or your driver with all the necessary details that you need to pick up and drop off your freight, collect on detention time, lumper’s focus and finally to keep your truck moving.
  3. Broker Credit Check and Broker Negotiation – For owner operators, making multiple calls, negotiating rates, lack of clarity and uncertainty is something that you are going to hate if you are managing the entire show yourself. Good dispatcher negotiates very hard for each load, for you, so that you get the best rate per mile. They run credit on all BROKERS and SHIPPERS against the load that they provide. With this good dispathcer for onwer operators ensures that you will never fall into any kind of trap with a broker or shipper.

So in summary when you look for the best dispatch companies in the USA, you should be getting the cheapest dispatch rate, high-paying loads with the best rate per mile, business reports, and a virtual office assistant who is going to help you in growing your business.

Importance of a dispatcher for Owner Operators

If you are a new owner operator, definitely a good dispatcher can help you to grow your trucking business. If you are an experienced business person in the trucking industry, and you have money to hire someone like an office assistant to look for loads, do the paperwork and track loads, you don’t need a dispatcher.

The most important factor in your trucking business is that “the wheels should be rolling always”, this is possible only if you get continuous loads, that too high-paying truck loads. With a dispatcher you just have to focus on the driving, the rest of the operational work is taken care of by them.

So we have seen till now, what does a good dispatcher do? How to find the best dispatching company? The importance of a good dispatcher for your trucking business.

With the lowest dispatch rate, technology-oriented processes, excellent customer service, and the commitment to getting owner operators to succeed in their businesses, MaxTruckers stands out as the best dispatch company in the USA.

FAQs on dispatch company services for owner operators

What is the Dispatch Rate for Owner Operators?

Generally, dispatchers charge a percentage of your load value. It ranges between 6% to 12%. A higher dispatch percentage eats more of your profits. Always look for a low dispatch percentage or go with a flat fee structure. MaxTruckers offers a dispatch rate of flat $225 per week per truck. If you avail of the service of factoring through MaxTruckers partners, you get a further reduced rate of $200.

Why is the dispatch price so low with MaxTruckers?

The success of owner operators is the core focus of MaxTruckers. They are a logistics technology company and a business consultant for truckers, they have developed systems and processes through technology that could bring down the dispatch rate, effectively handing over the benefits to owner operators.

Which is the best dispatch company for owner operators and truckers in the USA?

All dispatch companies are good in one way or another. MaxTruckers is the top best dispatch company in terms of customer service, lowest dispatch rate, and business growth assistance for owner operators as they give special consultations in various aspects of the trucking business and that is free of cost. Along with this MaxTruckers has a rating of 5 stars in TrustPilot and is flooded with good service appreciations.

Does a dispatcher negotiate rates for me?

Yes, it is the duty of a dispatcher to negotiate good rates for you and fetch higher rates per mile or dollar per mile.

How is the rate per mile calculated?

The total amount that you get per load divided by the total distance covered for the load gives you the rate per mile. Rate per mile is also called a dollar per mile.

What are the operational timings of a dispatcher?

Typically the timing of the operations for a dispatch service is 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. CST. Weekend support and off-hour supports are given by big dispatch companies like MaxTruckers.

When does the billing happen at a weekly flat rate?

In a weekly billing rate for dispatch service providers, billing is done every Monday.

Will there be driver assistance given by a dispatcher?

Yes, all dispatch companies give driver assistance like the load information, the timing of pick and drop of loads, routes, etc.