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Direct Freight Load Board

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Great load Hunting Experience

Direct Freight Load board ambiance:

The Direct Freight load board app creates an enjoyable and fast ambiance for owner-operators or truckers. In addition to its robust features, you can check the credit score (broker) to find it fast. safe and secure load financing.

A very important super feature is that truckers or owner operators can also check brokers’ credit scores for safe and secure load searching.

Direct Freight Trial Period:

There is a 15-day trial offer for the Direct Freight load board period before its $34.95 per month subscription fee kicks in.

Features of Direct Freight :

Find freight and trucks online.
Plan effectively for trips and save on costs.
Set up searches and alerts to automatically match your search criteria with posts.
Gain access to one of the Internet’s most trusted truckload boards.

Pros and Cons of Direct Freight:


  • Fast searching and posting of loads and trucks.
  • Access to credit scores and days to pay info.
  • Receive email and text alerts.
  • View booked and pending loads.
  • Route planning.
  • Access full credit reports on members.
  • Get instant access to broker authority, bond and insurance info.
  • Store and send documents via the system.
  • Create and save notes.


  • Less loads compared to DAT Power and Truckers edge.
  • Not robust and comprehensive as DAT

Direct Freight USP:

Direct Freight was found by our experts to be the most feature-packed load-board app available to carriers. Direct Freight has affordability, multiple features, and robustness layered into a great package.

A very important super feature is that truckers or owner-operators can also check brokers’ credit scores for safe and secure load searching.

Our experts found out that its robust features include a filtering system, custom alert schedules, and weather notifications unique to your route.

Our experts found that Direct Freight is the best semi-truck, pick-up truck, hotshot, straight truck, box truck, and dump truck load board. It is the best load board for truckers overall.

The user experience while accessing the app was great, exhilarating, and enjoyable.

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