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DAT Load board: Why Is It The Best Trucking load Board In The USA[2024]

DAT Load board for giant leaps in trucking,

Have you ever found yourself driving an empty truck?

Operating without cargo is not only inefficient—it's costly, consuming fuel and time without generating revenue. This is a common scenario where trucking load boards prove invaluable.

Truck Load boards are robust online marketplaces designed to bridge the gap between truckers and the brokers or shippers needing to move freight.

For Carriers and Trucking Dispatchers

Load boards cater to carriers and dispatchers by:

1. Facilitating Search for Loads:

Carriers can find loads posted by freight brokers and shippers, tailored to specific trailer types, equipment needs, or freight characteristics.

2. Enabling Posting of Available Trucks

By posting details of their available trucks, carriers allow brokers and shippers to directly reach out to them, streamlining the process of finding freight.

For Freight Brokers and Shippers

Brokers and shippers utilize load boards to:

1. Broadcast Freight Needs

Post detailed freight requirements, allowing carriers to quickly find and evaluate potential matches.

2. Identify Suitable Carriers

Search through listings of carriers who have advertised their availability, ensuring a good fit for specific freight needs.

Key Features of Load Boards

While the primary function of (dry van, hotshot, box truck or reefer) load boards is to connect parties within the logistics sector, they offer a multitude of features enhancing the functionality:

Advanced Search Options

Users can filter searches by location, freight weight, and type, or even specific brokers or shippers.

Real-Time Notifications and Updates

Receive alerts about load matches and route changes to stay informed on the go.

Comprehensive Freight and Shipper Details

Access crucial information like broker credit data, contact details for bookings, and ratings.

Economic Insights

Obtain average lane rates for specific periods and insights through Tri-Haul routing suggestions.

Enhanced Usability Features

Many load boards offer mobile apps for on-the-go access, document management systems, and detailed reporting tools.

These features not only streamline the process of finding and booking freight but also help in managing the logistics more effectively, making load boards an essential tool for anyone in the trucking industry.

Introducing the DAT Loadboard: The Premier Tool for Maximizing Trucking Efficiency

In the bustling world of trucking logistics, the DAT Load board stands out as a pivotal tool for carriers, owner operators, dispatchers, shippers, and freight brokers. Established over 45 years ago in 1978 as “Dial-A-Truck” at the Jubitz truck stop in Portland, Oregon, DAT has revolutionized how freight is matched to trucks. What began as a service to display loads on a monitor, moving away from the cumbersome handwritten notes pinned to a bulletin board, has evolved into the largest and most comprehensive load board in the industry.

1. Why Choose DAT Load board?

Here are some compelling reasons why DAT Load board is a critical asset for anyone in the trucking industry:

Extensive Network

With over 900,000 loads posted daily and a network of more than 20,000 brokers and shippers, DAT provides unmatched opportunities to find and secure freight.

User-Friendly Features

DAT Load board streamlines the booking process. Carriers can quickly contact shippers or brokers, negotiate rates, and finalize details—all online, eliminating the hassle of endless phone calls and reducing paperwork.

Advanced Search and Alert System

Subscribers benefit from unlimited searches with detailed load information and can set alerts for loads that meet their specific criteria, ensuring they never miss out on profitable opportunities.

Trust and Transparency

Check potential partners' histories and read reviews from other truckers, providing confidence and security in your business transactions.

2. Key Benefits of Using DAT Load board?


By connecting you to high-paying loads that match your routes, DAT helps maximize earnings and minimize unladen journeys.


Tailor your searches to preferred routes with lane-specific filters, ensuring you see only the most relevant loads.

Comprehensive Tools

From trip planning tools to paperwork management software, DAT offers resources that serve as your virtual trucking office on the go.

Subscription Options

DAT offers various plans tailored to different needs and budgets, such as DAT TruckersEdge, DAT One Power, and DAT One Express, each with a discount for new subscribers.

Understanding DAT Load board Subscription Plans

DAT Load board offers not only exceptional tools and resources for dry van, hotshot, reefer and box truck truckers but also provides flexible subscription plans tailored to meet various needs and budgets. Here's a breakdown of the available options:

DAT One Standard

(formerly TruckersEdge Standard)
$ 45 Monthly
  • Ideal for: Independent owner-operators hauling partial loads.
  • Features: Basic load matching, load posting, and truck posting capabilities.
  • Special Offer: Get 10% off your first 12 months.

DAT One Enhanced

(formerly TruckersEdge Enhanced)
$ 85 Monthly
  • Ideal for: New OTR owner-operators.
  • Features: Includes all features of DAT One Standard, plus:

    . Broker Ratings, Credit Score & Days to Pay

    . Load Counts by State

    . 30-day Average Lane Rates

  • Special Offer: Get 10% off your first 12 months.

DAT One Pro

(formerly TruckersEdge Pro)
$ 135 Monthly
  • Ideal for: OTR owner-operators with 1-3 trucks.
  • Features: Includes all features of DAT One Enhanced, plus:

    . TriHaul Triangular Routing Tool

    . DAT Assurance Payment Support Canadian Loads

    . 15-day Average Lane Rates

  • Special Offer: Get 10% off your first 12 months.

DAT One Select

(formerly Power Select)
$ 180 Monthly
  • Ideal for: Growing owner-operators.
  • Features: Includes all features of DAT One Pro, plus:

    . LIVE Load Board Results with Auto Refresh

    . Market Conditions Tool

    . Exact Match Alarms

    . Multiple Searches & Filtering

  • Special Offer: Get 10% off your first 12 months.

DAT One Office

(formerly Power Office)
$ 295 Monthly
  • Ideal for: Mid-sized to large fleets
  • Features: Includes all features of DAT One Select, plus:

    . Contract Lane Rate Information

    . LaneMakers Tool

    . Exact Match Alarms

  • Special Offer: Get 10% off your first 12 months.

Are you tired of shifting through endless load options? Look no further!

The DAT Load Board is your ultimate solution for streamlined freight matching.

Don’t settle for mediocrity - choose the DAT Load Board and revolutionize your trucking business today!

Choosing the Right Plan for You

Selecting the right subscription depends on your specific needs:

Volume of Use

Consider how frequently you'll use the platform. Higher usage levels justify more comprehensive plans.

Specific Features Required

Assess the importance of features like in-depth broker information, market trends analysis, and advanced search filters.

Budget Constraints

Determine what you're willing to invest monthly and the potential ROI based on the efficiencies and opportunities the platform offers.

DAT Load Board’s Feature Arsenal: Tools to Empower Your Trucking Journey

The DAT Loadboard transcends traditional load boards by offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline your operations and empower you to make informed decisions

Trip Planning & Routing

Plot the most efficient routes considering traffic patterns, weigh stations, and fuel stops. Save time and money on every haul.

Document Management

Transition from a paper-based system to a digital one. Upload and store essential documents like invoices, bills of lading, and proof of delivery directly within the DAT platform.

Market Analytics & Trends

Leverage up-to-the-minute insights into market conditions including lane profitability, fuel prices, and freight demand fluctuations. These analytics enable you to make data-driven decisions that can significantly boost your earnings.

Mobile App Convenience

Operate your business seamlessly from anywhere with the DAT mobile app. This tool allows you to search for loads, book jobs, track shipments, and access critical information directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The Advantages of DAT Loadboard: A Clear Winner in the Load Board Game

When it comes to load boards, DAT stands out with a clear set of advantages that cater to the diverse needs of the modern trucker:

Unmatched Network

Access the largest pool of loads and carriers in the US, giving you a plethora of options to choose from.

User-Friendly Platform

Navigate the intuitive interface with ease, designed even for those less familiar with digital tools, allowing quick and efficient access to necessary information.

Superior Customer Support

Benefit from dedicated customer support ready to answer your questions and help you maximize the use of the platform.

Industry Reputation

Trust in DAT's longstanding reputation in the trucking industry, recognized for its reliability and commitment to the success of truckers.

The Benefits of DAT Loadboard: More Than Just Finding Loads

DAT Loadboard delivers exceptional value by providing benefits that go beyond merely connecting you with loads:

Increased Efficiency

Spend less time searching for loads and more time driving. DAT Load board simplifies the entire process, enabling you to concentrate on what matters most—efficiently completing jobs.

Reduced Costs

Cut down on deadhead miles, optimize fuel consumption, and eliminate the hassle of unnecessary paperwork. DAT Load board's tools help you save on various fronts of your trucking operations.

Improved Profitability

Locate high-paying loads that perfectly match your route and equipment, maximize your earning potential, and achieve greater financial success.

Enhanced Control

Take the reins of your trucking journey. With DAT, you have the autonomy to select the loads that best fit your schedule, efficiently plan your routes, and manage your operations effectively.

Ready to unlock the power of DAT? Signing up is a breeze!

Step 1: Activate Your Account

Call (800) 547-5417 to activate your account and start using the services.

Step 2: Avail your offer

Provide the account number 0001986608 to avail your 10% off on your plans.

Step 3: Choose Your Plan

DAT offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to your specific needs and budget. Select the one that best fits your operation:

Step 4: Get your subscription

Follow the simple on-screen instructions to get your subscription.

Getting Started with DAT Loadboard: Mastering the Platform

DAT offers a wealth of resources to help you make the most out of the platform:

Tutorials & Guides:

Access comprehensive video tutorials and user guides that walk you through every step of using DAT.

Training Webinars

Attend live or pre-recorded webinars to learn valuable tips and tricks directly from DAT experts.

Customer Support

Don't hesitate to reach out to DAT's friendly and knowledgeable customer support team for any questions or assistance you may need.

The Final Gear: Why DAT is Your Essential Trucking Partner

DAT Loadboard presents a compelling argument for being an indispensable partner in the trucking industry, thanks to its comprehensive reach and robust service offerings. Here’s why DAT is pivotal for your trucking business:

Extensive Network

DAT boasts the largest truckload freight marketplace in North America, offering carriers a vast selection of loads and providing shippers and brokers with efficient matching services.

Data and Insights

With services like DAT Freight & Analytics, trucking companies gain access to crucial market trends and data insights, enabling informed decisions about routes, pricing, and overall business strategies

Technology and Tools

The DAT platform includes a suite of tools that streamline operations for carriers and brokers alike. These tools support load searching, truck posting, mileage and routing, and offer insights through company reviews.

Focus on Efficiency

Designed to expedite the process of finding trucks and loads, DAT’s platform includes features such as instant load match notifications and access to broker credit scores, enhancing operational efficiency.

Strategic Partnerships

DAT collaborates with other entities in the trucking industry to extend additional services like factoring and access to better-paying routes.

Overall, DAT stands out as a formidable ally in the trucking sector, providing a vast network, valuable data insights, and efficient tools all focused on optimizing operations.

DAT load boards can revolutionize your business approach, enabling you to navigate the trucking landscape with ease. Whether you're a veteran driver or a newcomer, DAT offers invaluable resources to help you secure the best hauls, negotiate effectively, and maximize your profitability.

Rev up your trucking business with DAT Loadboard, and prepare to take the fast lane to success in the dynamic world of freight!

Are you tired of shifting through endless load options? Look no further!

The DAT Load Board is your ultimate solution for streamlined freight matching.

Don’t settle for mediocrity - choose the DAT Load Board and revolutionize your trucking business today!

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