10 Best Fuel Card for Trucking [USA – 2024]

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As an owner-operator or a trucking business, you would save a lot of money on a trip if you could save dollars on fuel. Because fuel expense is the prime expense that you will incur in the trucking business.

We are here to assist you in making the right decision on what are the best fuel card you should choose and on what criteria.

This article provides a list of the best fuel card for truckers and trucking companies in the USA, that you can use at petrol stations, for tire repairs or getting supplies, etc.

Below the list of the best fuel card for truckers, there is a guide given. In case you are stuck on making a choice, please refer to the guidance.

Note that, we always recommend owner operators and trucking companies to have more than one trucking best fuel card.

Because, with multiple best fuel cards for trucks, you can utilize it as per the locations and fuel stations that give maximum discounts that you are hauling. Since most trucking best fuel cards come with additional benefits apart from fuel saving, you are in a good saving mode.

Saving money and producing maximum profit is one of the key secrets to trucking business success.

If you want to have a fast action do check the ultimate top 3 rankingselected out of the top 9 list of the best fuel cards for trucking businesses.is the best

Ultimate Top 3 Best Fuel Cards for Trucking

TCS FuelCard 2021

The fuel card with the best fuel savings, for all type of trucking companies is TCS Fuel Card

EFS Fleet card

The best fuel card for Owner Operators and small trucking companies is TCS Fuel Card. The best alternate is RTS Fuel Card.

voyager fuel card

The best fuel card for medium and large trucking companies, for fuel expense management is Fleet One Fuel Card. The best alternate is Voyager Fuel Card.


Our Top Pick

  • Highest savings on a best fuel card for truckersScroll down to see the price points
  • Accepted over 1,500 in-network locations
  • Universal acceptance at over 8,000 truck stops
  • Discounts on Tire Shops and Service Centers
  • Accepted by TA Petro, AMBEST, Sapp Bros, Road Ranger, Roady’s, PWI, etc
  • Zero In-Network Fuel transaction fees
  • No hidden fees
  • 24/7 client service
  • Online account management tools
  • Cost-plus Discount at Fuel Stations
  • Free Fuel Finder App

Looking for a FUEL CREDIT CARD?

If eligible, you can get a huge credit limit Per Week Per Truck!

Trucking businesses can also choose for “Fuel Line of Credit” Card along with few factoring service companies. To get a fuel card with credit for the purchase of fuel, you need to choose a factoring company with this provision

The difference between “fuel line of credit” and normal fuel card for trucking is that, with fuel line credit card, you get credit to purchase fuel. And the credit amount to buy fuel is given by the factoring company. Which will be later deducted from your load invoice.

You can easily get a huge credit limit per truck per week as a fuel line of credit.

Reviews of the Best Fuel Card for Trucking, 2023: IN DETAIL

Now, let us get in-depth, into an in-depth review of the best fuel cards for trucking. We have reviewed the top 10 best fuel cards for truckers. Also, if you want to study more on the fuel card provider, you can click the link “read more” to get an exclusive review of each fuel card.

1. TCS Fuel Card

Highest savings on a fuel card for trucking businesses.

TCS Fuel Card



TCS Fuel Card

      • IFTA support and submission: Yes, IFTA support and documentation

      • App and portal: TCS Fuel Finder, free mobile app, and account management site

      • In-network locations: 1500+ in-network locations available

      • Fee and Charges: No setup, usage, or loading charges

    TransConnect Services (TCS) provides industry-leading best fuel cards for trucking businesses and owner-operators. Also, TCS has a grand reward program-controlled and secured through their best fuel cards.

    Every time a driver uses the fuel card it helps you to save money on diesel fills. Drivers can have what they want without fail, best Fuel card also reduces the chance of misuse. 

    The card is available for use for drivers and owners operators, swipe the card at a truck stop, maintenance centre or pump to use it.

    You as an owner or fleet operator can set the parameters or work with TCS to set up your plan according to your unique circumstances. TCS has no hidden card fee, extra cards of any number for your fleet is free. 

    TCS levels the playing field for small trucking companies, saving will happen if you are an owner operator or a fleet owner.

    You can save money at the fuel pump if you are filling fuel from their 1000-odd in-network fuel stations. TCS fuel finder app is a very convenient and simple way to find in-network fuel stations and truck stops and get directions to those.

    As a driver, if you fuel from approved fuel stations you can on average save of huge cents per gallon. TCS card passes large savings to the trucking company, also the card facilitates reports and analysis.

    TCS card provides truckers and owners “better pricing”. Whether it be retail minus or cost plus, your drivers or truckers receive the better of the two discounts when filling up at an in-network pump or truck stop. 

    Generally, the retail price is always the lowest price at a fuel station. And is typically the price per gallon charged to customers who pay with cash or a best fuel card. The negotiated price that they have over the retail fuel price, makes it possible for the TCS fuel card to give extra discounts to trucking businesses.

    Merits of TCS fuel Card:

    Truckers and owners get good savings on maintenance. Services and tire purchases made at TA service stations get you very hefty discounts. You can also buy spares and parts with a good brand name or a well-known tire and supplies company.

    There are full-service stations where drivers can eat, fill up diesel or receive maintenance. These service stations provide all creature comforts to drivers. You can conveniently manage or book maintenance or upkeep through a mobile app or web portal.  

    Demerits of TCs Fuel cards:

    TCS is specially meant for trucking fleets, they provide industry-leading discounts on fuel purchases and truck maintenance or upkeep.

    If drivers or truckers don't find an in-network fuel station or a TA maintenance centre along their trip route savings would be drastically reduced. Truckers or drivers need to track their location on the road to figure out how close they are to a TCS fuel pump, truck stop or maintenance centre to get the best benefits from the TCS card.

    What do customers talk?

    Most drivers and truckers enjoy using TCS cards because they get unprecedented discounts and savings on fuel fills, and maintenance when they use the TCS card in in-network service centres. Setting card limits is easy as 123 in TCS cards, drivers and owner operators need to set it up to load through ACH transactions if you want to avoid loading fees.

    If you need your best fuel card to operate like a credit card, a TCS fuel card is not an option for you. Most drivers and owners have good experiences while using TCS fuel cards from start to finish as per the reviews on Facebook, Better Business Bureau etc.

    A quick look at benefits:

        • Zero fees and cards free for any number of users

        • Huge service discounts at TA centers 

        • TCS cards give easy options for owner operators and drivers

        • Savings inside in-network fueling stations

        • The card can be loaded using a variety of transaction types 

        • The company will tailor-make your cards work with you. 

      Along with the discounts, they have levelled the playing field for small to mid-size trucking companies through exceptional discounts at tire stations, spare parts, service, service stations, etc.

      You can apply for a free TCS fuel card below.

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      2. EFS Fleet One Fuel Card

      Best fit for medium and large trucking companies

      Fleet One Edge Card



      Fleet One Edge Card

          • Fuel Savings: On average 15 cents per gallon

          • IFTA support and submission: Yes, IFTA support and documentation

          • App and portal: Apps and portals available

          • In-network locations: 4500 locations in the USA

          • Fee and charges: No setup, usage, or loading charges

        The Fleet one card is accepted at thousands of locations pan America. This means drivers can easily find compatible locations or service stations easily. This is the best fuel card provides discounts at 3600 truck stops, offering further savings. 

        Benefits of Fleetone Card:

        Cards are taken in a wide range of centres, making it easy to be in the network. As a driver when you stop in a centre, you can enjoy discounts on things such as hotel stays, repairs, or even wireless/mobile plans.

        Maintenance and repairs using fleet one cards are straightforward and simple with their partners. You can visit TA centres, Boss shops or any other centre to get your truck back on the road after service. 

        You as a driver or fleet manager can enjoy steep rebates on tires and other savings on vital truck parts like suspension, mud flaps etc.

        Fleet one has no transaction fee if you stay in-network and if the driver stops at a partner pump, truck stop or establishment. If you stay at a partner location you gain a savings of 15cents per gallon for fuel. 

        Fleet one is a reliable card which offers fuel, accommodation, spares, maintenance and other perks and discounts all throughout  America.

        In-network transactions don’t have any transaction fees. If you use it in network locations it kick-starts your fuel savings. The card takes a few days to apply, but drivers and owners enjoy unprecedented discounts when you have it.

        The merits of the fleet one card in a glance:

            • 15cents per gallon discount at the fuel pump in a network location

            • Discount on maintenance and upkeep in TA centres and Boss shops

            • Discount on fleet management service ( hotels, repairs, truck purchases. and wireless service)

            • Loading the card is straightforward.

            • Plans are streamlined, and there are no hidden fees

            • No transaction fees at partner centres or institution

          Demerits of the fuel card:

              • The cars are meant for larger fleets, so if you as owner-operator pick the card you might have to forego some benefits of a small trucking company-oriented card.

              • The card doesn't have raving reviews online

              • There is an issue with the helpfulness and timeliness of customer service.

              • There's also an issue with loading the card.

            Fleet one card is the best option for medium and large trucking fleets who would be able to take advantage of the full web savings and discounts.

            With this card, trucking companies can get discounts on major tire brands by an average of $100.

            It has wide coverage with 4500+ fuel stations across the USA.

            Since this trucking best fuel card company has completely focused on fleets, they know their pain points. Fleet companies need to track and control their spending and avoid misuse.

            They provide extensive data and reporting that is crucial for trucking business in the easiest way online.

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            3. WEX Flex Card

            95% coverage in US Fuel stations and truck stops

            WEX Flex Card



            WEX Flex Fleet Card

                • Fuel Savings on an average: Flat rate of 3 cents per gallon

                • IFTA support and submission: Yes, IFTA support and documentation

                • App and portal: Apps and portal available

                • In-network locations: 95% coverage in the USA

                • Fee and charges: No setup, usage or loading charges

                • Customer Support: 24/7 US-based customer support

              Flex Card is the easiest way for a business to start saving on fuel. Plus, you get the flexibility to carry a monthly balance on your fuel card whenever cash flow is tight.

              WEX card has no month-to-month or yearly charges. This card offers a flat rebate of 3 cents for each gallon, not considering your company’s monthly fuel spending.

              Merits of WEX Flex Card:

                  • Almost 75% per cent of customer calls and queries are answered in 20 seconds, by a 24/7 US-based customer service team.

                  • WEX Flex card is suitable for small trucking companies

                  • Rebates of 3 cents per gallon

                  • WEX Flex cards are taken in 95% of US gas stations

                  • Gives you great and solid rebates and discounts on service and maintenance visits.

                Demerits of WEX Flex Card:

                    • Fee structure is not transparent and available on request

                    • Fee structure comparison not possible

                    • The WEX Connect app has many flaws

                    • Wrongfully charging a late fee for some users.

                  Drivers and owner-operators can use WEX ClearView (analytics platform) which reports on specific transactions and spending behaviour of your truck or fleet.

                  The WEX Flex card allows you to sign in for WEX Telematics.

                  Assortment of WEX’s user-friendly mobile and web apps:

                      • Driver Dash: Used to pay using mobile at the pump

                      • Fleet Smart: Used to track spending, manage your fleet cards, pay for service and fuel, check your credit score and much more

                      • WEX Connect: Drivers or owner-operators can use this app to find close by fuel stations and service centres, and filter these stations by fuel charge, fuel type, open hours and other filters.

                    WEX Flex Cards give drivers access to the WEX edge savings network, this means you get plenty of exclusive discounts like:

                        • Fuel rebates at participating fuel pumps and truck stops

                        • Tire discounts and 6% off on extra parts and services at 2,200 Bridgestone retail operation locations.

                        • Negotiated discount prices at over 18,000 hotels across the US

                        • Discounts provided on Sprint wireless accessories and solutions

                        • Big deals on GPS tracking, data analytics and reporting and other smart tools ( not clear which tools deals apply for)

                      Save up to 15% of your fleet’s fuel management with the WEX Flex card. Set restrictions and authorization to customize cards to reduce fraud and unauthorized spending.

                      Real-time online services allow you to add and delete drivers and vehicles, pay your bill, and set purchase controls and alerts.

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                      4. Shell Fleet Navigator Card:

                      Highly secure and fraud-resistant

                      Shell Fleet Navigator Card



                      Shell Fleet Navigator Card

                          • Fuel Savings on average: On average rebates up to 5 cents per gallon

                          • IFTA support and submission: Yes, IFTA support and documentation

                          • App and portal: Apps and portals available

                          • In network locations: Fuel at 13,000+ Shell stations and at more than 95% of all U.S. fueling stations.

                          • Fee and charges: No setup, usage or loading charges

                        The Shell Fleet Navigator Card carries restricted (and undefined) charges. The card offers a refund of up to 5 cents for each gallon, connected to your month-to-month fuel buy volume.

                        Features of Shell Fleet Navigator Card:

                            • Set security controls ( only for users)

                            • Manage fuel spending using cost controls

                            • Fuel and maintenance rebates create large savings

                            • Make use of fleet reporting tools, thus improving the efficiency of your trucking operation.

                          Benefits of Shell Fleet Navigator Card:

                              • No startup fee, monthly fee or yearly fee (no extra fee for extra cards)

                              • Detailed fuel usage reports and card management in one place

                              • Proactive customer service based out of the US

                              • Multiple rewards, savings and discounts

                            Demerits of Shell Fleet Navigator Card:

                                • Only works in Shell fuel stations, so not viable for small companies

                                • Only tracks fuel spending, no other spending taken into consideration

                                • You have to spend a lot to access the maximum rebate.

                                • Small business cards not included in the rebate program

                              This Shell fleet Navigator is a card for trucking companies, with many trucks. This card is not advisable for owner-operators.

                              The biggest advantage of the card is the number of fuel stations it is accepted. We all know very well the coverage of Shell fuel stations across the USA.

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                              5. Exxon Mobile Business Fleet Card

                               Get fuel from over 11,500 Exxon™ and Mobil™ stations nationwide

                              Exxon Mobile Fuel Card



                              Exxon Mobile- best Fuel Card

                                  • Fuel Savings: Refund of between 1-6 cents for every gallon

                                  • IFTA support and submission: Yes, IFTA support and documentation

                                  • App and portal: App and portal available

                                  • In network locations: Received at more than 95% of gas stations or truck stops in the US.

                                  • Fee and charges: No setup, usage, or loading charges

                                  • Customer Care: 24/7 and 365 days a year customer care is available

                                The ExxonMobil Business Fleet Card is a charge card and offers a refund of between 1-6 cents for every gallon, depending on the quantity of fuel your organization buys each month. This is card is primarily useful for large trucking companies.

                                Merits of Exxon Mobile Fleet Card:

                                    • Enough locations to fill up fuel, so that drivers won’t end up without fueling options

                                    • Tailor-made for large fleets, significant savings to fleets who purchase high-tier amounts of gas 

                                    • Card limitation and security features make it good for fleets

                                    • A nationwide card gives you flexibility 

                                    • Excellent choice for small businesses because no associated fees for best fuel card

                                    • Use the Card to get offers up to 10 cents per gallon for the starting 6 months and up to six cents after that.

                                  Demerits of Exxon Mobil Fuel Card:

                                      • The card does not offer service choices.

                                      • The driver needs to provide other payment choices for maintenance, tires, and repairs. 

                                      • No options to get rebates and savings  if you operate outside the east coast

                                      • There’s  a coverage gap for EXXON mobile, especially in the midwest

                                      • No service or repair options

                                    Features of the EXXONMOBIL card:

                                        • Two card options available

                                        • A large network of Exxon stations

                                        • Availablity mostly on the East coast

                                        • One card pays for gas at over 90% of fueling stations

                                        • Comprehensive reporting and limitations choices

                                      The acceptability of this trucking best fuel card is very high. It is accepted by 95% of locations in the USA.

                                      Does that mean, the card is good for all? No, we won't recommend it to owner operators or truckers with less than 4 trucks.

                                      Savings of 6¢ per gallon is relatively low in comparison to other trucking fuel cards.

                                      So this is a good choice for large trucking companies due to its coverage and fleet benefits. But a NO for owner-operators.

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                                      6. RTS Fuel Card

                                      Good for trucking service bundle purchase, like factoring, fuel card and insurance .

                                      RTS fuel card

                                          • Fuel Savings: 25 cents for every gallon

                                          • IFTA support and submission: Yes, IFTA support and documentation

                                          • App and portal: App and portal available

                                          • In-network locations: In-network locations are very few, only 2000

                                          • Fee and charges: No setup, usage, or loading charges

                                          • Customer Care: 24/7 and 365 days a year customer care is available

                                          • Credit line: Offers weekly credit lines to individual trucks

                                         RTS Financial has launched the best Fuel Card, which promises a saving of 25¢ per gallon of diesel. This is a pretty good fuel card with good savings.

                                        Core Strengths of RTS Fuel card:

                                            • ProTransport fleet management software is available as an integration with the RTS fuel card.

                                            • Plan routes, find the cheapest diesel, check parking, find dining spots and get more info on truck stops.

                                            • Huge credit per truck per week

                                            • No annual fees and it's not transparent about other fees.

                                          Demerits of RTS Fuel Card:

                                              • Less converge in many parts of the US, and only has a network of 2000+ stations

                                              • No card block or transaction alert facility 

                                              • To find card charges of your specific account you need to get in touch with the RTS customer care

                                            The parent company RTS Financials, is predominantly a truck factoring company.

                                            RTS fuel card was introduced in the market so that it can give its clients an extra boost for their business.

                                            Read full RTS Fuel Card Review>>

                                            7. Axle Fuel Card from Pilot Flying

                                            Best for rewards, loyalty benefits, and discounts on fuel and trucker assistance services.

                                            Axel Fuel Card



                                            Axel Fuel Card

                                                • Fuel Savings: The Axle card offers a 3% cashback (about 12c/gallon when gas costs $4) this allows flexible payment terms.

                                                • IFTA support and submission: Yes, IFTA support and documentation

                                                • App and portal: App and portal available

                                                • In network locations: Few and far between

                                                • Fee and charges: No setup, usage or loading charges

                                              We feel the Axel card is a good contender for the best fuel cards when it comes to savings on fuel, care, truck-related, and other purchases.

                                              Pilot fuel cards can be used to make different purchases synch as fuel, truck maintenance and care and a few truck merchandise. 

                                              Cards are accepted in Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers, Pilot Flying J Truck Care Service Centers, and the One9 Fuel Network.

                                              Pilot cards try to give exemplary service to often underserved truck drivers, small trucking companies and owner-operators. They serve businesses and create conditions where often ignored small trucking businesses can get their foot in the door and thrive.

                                              The best way to achieve i is to provide them access to the credit they need without any strings attached, lots of fees and hoops to jump through. All of these are very tricky for a nascent and growing trucking company. 

                                              Merits of Pilot Flying J Cards:

                                              One of the primary benefits is that business owners decide what things employees can buy with the card. Another advantage to the Pilot fleet card is that there are no hidden fees—whether the transaction, account management, annual, or otherwise—which several other companies have.

                                              Using custom settings in Pilot Flying J cards business owners can decide what drivers or employees can buy using the card. Also, a prime advantage is their on a transaction, account management, annual or another type of fees for the fuel card.

                                              Some of the benefits or perks associated with Pilot cards are:

                                                  • Access to a better online account portal and both personal and sales representation

                                                  • Better and augmented payment terms

                                                  • Cashback, rebates and rewards on buying commercial diesel and DEF purchases.

                                                One extra loyalty point/gallon at Pilot and Flying J locations, or two extra loyalty points/gallon at One9 Fuel Network locations. 

                                                Drivers get savings from Pilot Flying J care locations. $30 discount on tires and service, a ten percent discount on Service Center fees and a waived callout fee on roadside service.

                                                Because the Axel card’s cashback is a percentage cost, the card gets you more cashback when fuel is expensive.

                                                Axel cards are transparent about their fees.

                                                There is very little turnaround time for business owners to access the cards and have their fleets using them.

                                                The downside is the number of fuel stations that you can use. With this card, you get access to 800 fueling locations across Pilot Flying J and the fuel networks of One9.

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                                                8. Universal Premium Fleet Card

                                                 Best in fuel management security controls for fleets

                                                Universal Premium Fleet Card



                                                Universal Premium

                                                    • Fuel Savings: 6 cents a gallon off based on the package (regular, plus, and premium).

                                                    • IFTA support and submission: Yes, IFTA support and documentation

                                                    • App and portal: App and portal available

                                                    • In network locations: Accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted

                                                    • Fee and charges: No setup, usage or loading charges

                                                  The Universal Premium fuel and the fleet card is superb when it comes to security controls. Also, it gives good flexibility for managing fuel and service needs for your truck.

                                                  Benefits of Universal Premium Fuel Card:

                                                  Card tiers are divided thoroughly so that an owner operator or small fleet owner can find what they want. You will have a lot of control over what and how you spend on the card. Because there is real-time activation or deactivation of cards and custom fraud protections to help you tailor-make your fuel card.

                                                  Drivers and owners are eligible for incentives and cashback, this reduces the cost of fuel and truck maintenance. If you have analytics needs upgrading the card’s tiers will provide you with custom dashboards. You can also increase fraud protection by updating the card tier.

                                                  Fleet managers' life becomes easier with analytics while measuring trucking costs or comparing drivers across states.
                                                  Drivers do not have to waste time by searching for gas stations and truck stops where cards are taken because it's universally accepted where ever Mastercard is taken.

                                                  All manner of trucking business owners can take this card whether they have good credit or not. This card is a money-saving and budget choice with a lowish fee structure

                                                  Other than fraud features there aren’t many perks for the card. But there is simple money-back rewards based on how many gallons of fuel you pump. You also get priority treatment in some service centres. You get up to six cents per gallon depending on the circumstances, it's a straightforward and bare perk. 

                                                  This is best when it comes to keeping track of fuel purchases. The security features enabled with it prevent fraud detection. Every trucking business wants a feature of the regular monitoring of fuel spending. This is solved by Universal Premium Fuel Card.

                                                  It goes into so much detail that you can track where your drivers purchase fuel.

                                                  This trucking fuel card helps owners to reduce the cost of fuel and maintenance etc.

                                                  With this trucking fuel card, you will get six cents a gallon.

                                                  The cards come with 03 different pricing structures and are not free of cost. It comes with monthly fees starting from 3.99 cents per month to 11.99 cents per month.

                                                  A quick feature list:

                                                      • Require only low credit score to apply compared to only cards

                                                      • Custom reporting and analytics 

                                                      • Three packages available

                                                      • Simple cents-off model for cards

                                                      • Head of the line service at fuel stations

                                                      • Accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted

                                                    Based on the package (regular, plus, and premium) you have chosen on purchase, you get additional discounts with the trucking fuel card on fuel purchases.

                                                    Though we didn't like the pricing structure, it can be justified, based on the security and monitoring features that they provide.

                                                    A good plus point with them is that their trucking fuel card is accepted by any fuel station that accepts Mastercard.

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                                                    9. FuelMan Fuel Card

                                                    Best in the loyalty-based fuel bonus program

                                                    FuelMan Fuel Card



                                                    FuelMan Fuel Card

                                                        • Fuel Savings: Discount of 2¢ on diesel and unleaded at other Fuelman locations.

                                                        • IFTA support and submission: Simplified reports for easy vehicle expense accounting and tax reporting

                                                        • App and portal: App and portal available

                                                        • In network locations: Accepted in FuelMan locations across the USA

                                                        • Fee and charges: No setup, usage, or loading charges

                                                        • Customer Care: 24/7 and 365 days a year customer care is available

                                                        • Fraud Prevention: Help prevent fraud & misuse by customizing fuel controls

                                                      Fuelman fuel is essentially more flexible than any other fuel card.

                                                      As they claim, this fuel card for truckers is more on to “Fleet Fuel Management Solution”.

                                                      Demerits of Fuelman Card:

                                                          • Fuelamn fuel card include a wide acceptance network of around 50,000 gas stations across the US.

                                                          • Excellent rebates for non-profits and governmental fleets, and 

                                                          • the ability to save up to 8 cents per gallon on diesel and 5 cents per gallon on leaded fuel. 

                                                          • Additionally, there are impressive discounts at convenience stores such as Speedway and Pilot. 

                                                        Demerits of Fuelman Card:

                                                            • Fuelaman fuel card include the lack of station distribution in Massachusetts, Montana, and Minnesota, 

                                                            • A dated mobile app,

                                                            • The requirement of a 580 credit score to apply. 

                                                            • You'll also need to request a quote for pricing.

                                                          By using Fuelman cards you can pay for supplies, repairs and most importantly diesel. It is fit for fleets which pump in between 1000 to 5000 gallons per vehicle per month. Fuelman has a big nrwork of gas stations, truck stops and convenient stores in the US and Canada. 

                                                          Fuelman can be topped up with ordinary money, and they offer you plenty of control with features like – custom spending limits and restrict access control as free as or as tight as possible.

                                                          Fuelman cards are expected in 50,000 locations why is far lesser than its competitors. Lack of area covered is compensated by 20,000 maintenance stations that except FuelMan cards.

                                                          Customers are not pleased by Fuelmans service delivery and business pratices which are shady according to them. The company charges hidden fees and they are not transparent .

                                                          The discounts are not that great. It is very low.

                                                          But the fuel management solutions that they provide are where trucking companies make money out of the card. They provide vast solutions like – Cost Controls, Reporting and Tracking, Fraud prevention, etc.

                                                          They do charge you for the fuel card. It has different subscriptions for each of its card types.

                                                          The fuel management system, loyalty programs, etc. makes it one of the best fuel card for large trucking companies. If you are a single truck owner, then this fuel card for trucking is not at all recommended.

                                                          Fuelman fuel cards comes with excellent benefits like it offers many benefits that satisfy any fleet. Rebates are good and features such as 10 cents off purchases at Kwik City can add up fast if your fleet is large.

                                                          Customer reaction, criticism and overwhelming negative reviews make recommending them hard. 

                                                          Read Full Fuel Man Fuel Card Review >>

                                                          10. Voyager Fuel card 

                                                          Best for fleets to customize fuel controls online

                                                          Voyager Fuel card



                                                          Voyager Fuel card

                                                              • Online spending controls: Approve/block drivers, set spending limits, implement restrictions

                                                              • In network locations: Over 230,000 fuel and maintenance locations (globally)

                                                              • IFTA support and submission: Yes, IFTA support and documentation

                                                              • App and portal: App and portal available

                                                              • Customer Care: 24/7 and 365 days a year customer care is available

                                                             This is a pure fleet fuel card. And this fuel card is widely accepted globally with over 230,000 fuel and maintenance locations. This card is made for fleet companies. You will find most of the critical features that are crucial for fleet fuel expense management addressed with them.

                                                            Pros of Voyager Card:

                                                                • The Voyager Fleet Card program's coverage is amazing. With over 230,000 fuel and maintenance stations across the US, your drivers are sure to find a place to refuel – and you can direct them to cheaper brands, too.

                                                                • The Voyager Fleet Card comes with highly customizable purchase controls. You can restrict what your drivers buy, how much they can spend in a certain timeframe, and how much cash they can withdraw on each purchase.

                                                                • This card program keeps things secure by asking drivers to share ID prompts of their choosing at the point of purchase.

                                                                • Using Voyager’s online portal, fleet operators can choose to see a range of fuel-related data for each card – from reports on vehicles and drivers to historical purchase info.

                                                                • Voyager provides 24/7 US-based customer support.

                                                                • No hidden fees: Voyager is transparent and it doesn't surprise you with hidden charges.

                                                                • 24/7 customer service: Voyager has a US-based proactive, troubleshooting customer care.

                                                                • Secure purchase authorization: You can ask drivers for information like ID numbers, trip numbers, vehicle numbers, and more—plus combinations of these things, this secures the transaction.

                                                                • Customizable reporting. Fuel usage, fuel fill-up information and diesel analytics are available for you to check.

                                                              Cons of Voyager Card:

                                                                  • If you're looking for a fleet card that comes with rebates on fuel purchases, the Voyager Fleet Card might not be the best option for you.

                                                                  •  While the card itself doesn't have any fees, some of the Voyager Fleet partners might charge their own service fees. 

                                                                  • Additionally, customers have given the Voyager Mobile app an average star rating of 2.7, with technical problems being the main reason for these low ratings.

                                                                The Voyager Fuel Card is a great option for business owners

                                                                    •  who want to control fuel costs, 

                                                                    • eradicate fleet card misuse, or 

                                                                    • cut down on the time spent creating end-of-month fuel reports. 

                                                                  If you're looking for a card with lots of discounts, rewards points, or airline miles, you may want to search for a different option. 

                                                                  It's also worth mentioning that Voyager Fuel Cards are available to qualify tax-exempt organizations.

                                                                  With this fuel card, trucking fleet companies can control fuel costs, eradicate fleet card misuse, cut downtime spend creating end-of-month fuel reports, partner with a smaller fleet card provider, etc.

                                                                  So, this card also falls under the category of one of the best fuel cards for fleet trucking businesses.

                                                                  Read full Voyager Fuel Card Review >>

                                                                  Still, confused about how to choose the best fuel card for trucking?

                                                                  Many new owner-operators do get confused when making a trucker's fuel card choice.

                                                                  That's why we have created a guide below. Go through them, we are sure you will make a good trucking fuel card choice.

                                                                  What to look for in a fuel card for owner-operators?

                                                                  This is what you need to remember when searching for a fuel card:

                                                                  Get a card that accommodates your area.

                                                                  Many fuel cards must be utilized at certain service station chains or inside networks that cover certain districts of the country and not others. Investigate precisely where a fuel card can be utilized prior to settling on one.

                                                                  Get a card that fits the amount of fuel you buy every month.

                                                                  Many fuel cards offer discounts on fuel buys, yet these refunds are regularly attached to how much fuel your organization purchases every month. Attempt to decide how much fuel each month your organization will use prior to getting a fuel card. Thus, you can discover the card with a refund program that best hits your fuel “sweet spot.”

                                                                  See how fuel pricing functions while considering a fuel card for truckers.

                                                                  Some fuel cards permit you to group your fuel buys after a specific length of time. This means you can pay less than the price listed in the fuel station, such a discount most often comes with a hidden fee or requirements. Make certain to see how the pricing works prior to acquiring your fleet fuel card.

                                                                  What are the benefits of the best fuel card for truckers in the USA?

                                                                  Less expensive fuel

                                                                  Most (yet not all) fuel cards give diesel limits at specific gas stations. And the more number of gas stations covered, the more you can save per gallon.

                                                                  Set everyday limits. Need your drivers to have the option to get a little treat at the service station store without increasing spending?

                                                                   Some fuel cards permit you to set everyday spending limits for fuel. Some cards help your drivers to shop at convenience stores, supermarkets, and other places where the card is taken as payment.

                                                                  Easier bookkeeping

                                                                  If your fleet fuel card is connected with your accounting software.

                                                                  Then allocating the expenses to the program is as simple as entering your card number and linking the two. You don't have a headache with tracking receipts.

                                                                  High security (like a debit card)

                                                                  Did your driver drop his fuel card at the pump back in New Hampshire? However, the individual who finds the fuel card can't access it without knowing the PIN. This permits the driver to carry less money in his truck, limiting the chance of theft.


                                                                  Some fuel cards will have partnerships with gas stations or repair shops. Such partnerships help truckers to negotiate miscellaneous expenses like an oil change or windshield replacement.

                                                                  FTA Reporting

                                                                  Your truck's ELDs ought to have the option to follow the fuel utilized in each state. Yet having a fleet card framework that tracks it can help check the information.

                                                                  Level III processing

                                                                  Get information on the exchange not only for the when, from whom, and from where. But also for the specific shipment, the invoice number, and more.

                                                                  How much does an Owner Operator or a Trucking Company Save Using a Fuel Card for Trucking?

                                                                  Savings on fuel card for trucking depends on the type of fuel card used by owner operators and trucking businesses.

                                                                  Our study has shown that many truckers are savings using a fuel card for trucking.

                                                                  Below is an interview with the Director of TCS Fuel Card done by MaxTruckers CEO, Jerry Jose. This video gives the real numbers on how much owner-operators could save using TCS Fuel Card for trucking companies.

                                                                  We are also providing you with industry-based content on the best factoring company for trucking, the best trucking dispatch service, the best load board, and the best commercial insurance. Please click these links to see multifaceted reviews on these trucking services and products.

                                                                  FAQs on Fuel Cards for Truckers

                                                                  What do you mean by fuel card for truckers?

                                                                  Fuel card/ freight fuel cards/diesel fuel cards/fleet cards are a method for carriers to buy diesel at fuel stations or truck stops.

                                                                  How do you select a fuel card for trucking?

                                                                  Truckers need to consider these things while opting for a fuel card
                                                                  Vehicle type, Fuel type, Branded or non-branded fuel cards, Coverage and no. of locations, Spending limits or controls, Hidden norms, conditions and costs, Card administration, Hidden cost.

                                                                  What are the benefits of having a fuel card in trucking?

                                                                  These are the benefits of having a fuel card
                                                                  A fast and easy way to pay for fuel, A safe, easy, and secure alternative to carrying cash, Limits and tighter control on business expenses, Streamline boring admin process, Increased flexibility for fueling across the cards network.

                                                                  What can I buy with a fuel card for truckers?

                                                                  You can buy discounted fuel, pay for the repair, paint jobs, upkeep, lodging, and petty expenses for truckers.

                                                                  How do you use a fuel card?

                                                                  While going to an in-network fuel station to pump fuel, you need to submit/swipe the fuel card after your purchase of fuel.
                                                                  Fuel cards are used instead of debit/credit cards. Drivers can collect the bill from the pump as proof of transaction.

                                                                  Where can I use my fuel card?

                                                                  As an owner operator/trucker, you can use a fuel card to fill up from in-network fuel stations, truck stops, repair. truck wash and for lodging and food.

                                                                  Is it worth getting fuel card for trucking business?

                                                                  Company fuel cards reduce the cost of filling diesel for your equipment or fleet. Fuel cards helo you to streamline time and money spent on administration/accounting.

                                                                  Can fuel cards for trucking save you money?

                                                                  Fuel cards help you to save a lot of money via discounts on fuel fill-ups. Driving down the average cost of fuel by a few cents can help companies to save a lot of money

                                                                  Can I use a fuel card to pay at the pump?

                                                                  Yes! you can use a fuel card for a tire change, get supplies, do repair and upkeep, and get lodging and food.

                                                                  Do you need a PIN for a fuel card for truckers?

                                                                  Yes, it does.
                                                                  Sometimes when garages and fuel stations aren't able to accept PINs as security verification for transactions, and in these circumstances, a signature is used as a security check.

                                                                  Are there any other benefits on using a fuel card for trucking?

                                                                  There are a lot of benefits to getting a good fuel card for the owner operator. Savings, head-of-the-line service gigs, discounts at repair stations and tire changes, etc are some of the things that you can regularly accept from top-of-the-line fuel cards for truckers.

                                                                  Do truck drivers get fuel discounts?

                                                                  Yes, drivers often get single-digit discounts, and some fuel cards provide double-digit discounts in in-network locations.

                                                                  What fuel card has the best discount?

                                                                  TCS Fuel card has the best discounts for fuel in the industry. TCS provides big discount while you are pumping fuel at their in-network locations.

                                                                  What are the best fuel cards for small trucking businesses?

                                                                  TCS Fuel cards, RTS Fuel card and Pilot Flying J fuel cards are the best fuel card in the industry which is best suited for small trucking businesses.

                                                                  Are there any fuel cards for truckers with bad credit?

                                                                  Most of the fuel cards don't look into the credit score of drivers while issuing fuel cards.

                                                                  Which fuel card gives the best discount?

                                                                  TCS Fuel card gives you an industry-best discount on average at in-network locations.

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