As an owner-operator/ trucker you would save a lot of money on a trip if you can save dollars on fuel. This article provides a list of the best fuel card for owner operators in the USA, that you can use at the petrol stations, for tire repairs or getting supplies, etc.

We are also providing a guide for selecting the best fuel card for truckers. The below-listed cards will provide you with the best-in-class discounts at fuel stations, trucker stops, convenience stores, etc.

By using a TCS fuel card owner-operators can save up to 45cents per gallon or $7000 a year.

In this article, we will check which fuel card for truckers provides maximum savings and other benefits for owners and operators in the US.

If your business utilizes at least two vehicles for freight movement. And your organization buys more than 1,000 gallons of fuel every month. A fuel card could be an awesome way to save money by getting a fuel card.

10 Best Fuel Card for Truckers in the USA

Fuel Card 

Fuel Card Savings (Cents/Gallon)

MaxTruckers - TCS Fuel Card

37 ¢ 

EFS Fleet One Fuel Card

15 ¢  

Shell Fleet Navigator Fuel Card

5 ¢ 

WEX Flex Fuel Card


Exxon Mobil Fuel Card


RTS Fuel Card


Pilot Flying J Cards

3% Cash back program

Universal Premium Fuel & Fleet Card

6 ¢ 

FuelMan Fuel Card

Voyager Fuel card

$1.06 (tax-exempt diesel)

Selecting a great fuel card is crucial, it makes a huge difference in your cost-saving whether it be savings on fuel expenses, savings on maintenance expenses, tire change savings, savings on petty purchases, etc. Below we have given a video guide for selecting the best fuel card for truckers and owner operators.

Top Pick
TCS Fuel Card

TCS Fuel Card

Saving of 35¢ per gallon!
  • Over 1,100 in-network locations
  • Universal acceptance at over 8,000 truck stops
  • Accepted TA Petro, AMBEST, Sapp Bros, Road Ranger, Roady’s, PWI, etc
  • Zero In-Network Fuel transaction fees
  • No hidden fees
  • 24/7 client service
  • Online account management tools
  • Cost-plus Discount

Comparison of the Top Best Fuel Cards for Truckers in the USA

We have provided a comparison of the best fuel cards available in the US market, please go through the comparison table to find out the best fuel card for owner-operators /truckers.

TCS Fuel Card 10

TCS Fuel Card Rank #1

  • Average 35cents per gallon discount
  • Over 1,100 in-network locations
  • No hidden fees
  • 24/7 client service
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EFS Fuel Card9

EFS Fuel CardRank #2

  • Average 15cents per gallon discount
  • Universal Acceptance
  • Superior purchasing controls
  • Integrate with current systems
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WEX Flexcard8

WEX FlexcardRank#3

  • A discount of 3¢ off per gallon*
  • No setup, annual, or card fees
  • Carry a monthly balance
  • Spending controls
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shell card for owners operators7

Shell Fleet Navigator Card:Rank#4

  • Earn rebates of up to 5 ¢ per gallon
  • Fuel at 13,000+ Shell stations and at more than 95% of all U.S. fueling stations
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and misuse with driver IDs and purchase controls
  • Set limits on what, when, and how much can be purchased by whom
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ExxonMobil Fuel Card For Owners and Operators6

Exxon Mobile Business Fleet CardRank#5

  • Savings up to 6¢/gallon, 1 plus earn points with Exxon Mobil Rewards+
  • Fuel when and where you need
  • The reporting you need, when you need it
  • Customer support around the clock
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RTS Fuel Card5

RTS Fuel CardRank#6

  • 25¢ per gallon average saving
  • Other discounts (maintenance, discounts on tires, tax services, lodging, document scanning, etc )
  • Offers weekly credit lines to individual trucks
  • No contract or annual fees
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Pilot Flying J Cards4

Pilot Flying J CardsRank#7

  • The Axle card offers a 3% cashback (about 12c/gallon when gas costs $4) this allows flexible payment terms.
  • Axel cardmembers get a $30 discount on tires and service
  • Axel cardmembers get a ten percent discount on Service Center fees,
  • Axel cardmembers waived the callout fee on roadside service
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Universal Premium Fuel & Fleet Card3

Universal Premium Fuel & Fleet CardRank#8

  • Up to 6¢ per gallon on fuel
  • Customized reporting and analysis for higher tiers
  • Simple cents-off model for cards
  • Accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted
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  • Discount of 2¢ on diesel and unleaded at other Fuelman locations.
  • Help prevent fraud & misuse by customizing fuel controls
  • Simplified reports for easy vehicle expense accounting and tax reporting
  • Product-level data lets you see what drivers purchase by fuel type
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Voyager Fuel card1

Voyager Fuel cardRank#10

  • No hidden fees
  • Universal acceptance.
  • Advanced spending controls
  • Customizable reporting
  • 24/7 customer service
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Detailed Review of the Best Fuel Card for Owner Operator

Now, we are going in-depth, into a comparison of the best fuel cards for owner operators/truckers. We are listing the advantages and disadvantages of fuel cards that we have listed.

1: TCS Fuel Card for Truckers

TransConnect Services (TCS) provides industry-leading fuel cards for owner-operators/truckers/fleet owners.TCS has a grand reward program-controlled and secured through their fuel cards.

TCS fuel helps owner operators/ truckers to get an average discount of 35cents per gallon on diesel fuel while pumping it into their vehicles. TCS fuel card enables you to earn more, be compliant with fuel pricing norms of the US states.
Truckers/ owner operators set the parameters of the TCS card and use it securely in various in-network locations. There are over 1000 in-network locations all over the USA.
Owner operators or drivers get the industry’s best rewards and discounts by using this card. To use the card simply swipe and enter the details at a diesel pump or a truck stop.
You can set the parameters for your use cases. Set up a care plan that works for your drivers and your circumstances.

TCS cards are special totally customizable fuel cards for our owner-operator trucker buddies. They have leveled the playing field for small to mid-size trucking companies through exceptional discounts, service, and technology.

These features make the TCS Fuel card best for owner operators. let’s see the pros and cons of this TCS fuel card.


  • Savings of up to 35 to 40 ¢ per gallon
  • Cost Plus Discount model (means more discounts)
  • cost-plus discounts at 1100 locations across the United States
  • Tires and Service discounts at all TA Petro service centers
  • Fuel card programs customized to your business.
  • $0.00 transaction fees for all in-network fuel transactions and $3.00 for all out-of-network transactions
  • Free access to the TCS Mobile App and TCS client website for 24/7 account management, card maintenance (activate/deactivate cards, set purchase limits, etc.), issue checks, view payments & statements, view transaction reporting, and much more
  • Free access to 24/7 customer service
  • Free Fuel Finder to locate the best fuel prices in your area or along your route


  • Nil


With a TCS fuel card, you can even get a maximum of 63¢ per gallon. Our industry experts found out that the card is accepted in 1100 in-network locations and 8000 truck stop in the USA. The average savings recorded in the recent data is 37 cents per gallon.

This fuel card for truck drivers provides the best savings at gasoline stations, truck stops, service centers, workshops, paint jobs, etc making it the top best fuel card for owner operators.

2 – EFS Fleetone Fuel Card for Truckers

Universal Acceptance. The EFS Fuel Card is accepted at more than 16,000 truck stop locations across North America,

EFS and Fleet One solutions by WEX Fleet help owner-operators and major carriers alike run smarter and more efficiently. EFS card provides a single integrated platform to manage purchases, driver pay, settlement, cash advances, and more.


  • Accepted at over 12,000 truck stops
  • Zero transaction fees
  • No Card fees
  • You will be part of the WEX EDGE savings network
  • Advanced Fuel and cash spend reporting
  • Augmented security controls
  • Ubiquitous MasterCard acceptance
  • Seamless integration with leading third-party-software
  • Cash advances and ATM access/withdrawal
  • Easier time tracking spending


  • Savings single digits savings on fuel, like (4-6 ¢ per gallon)


Fleet one card is the best option for medium and large trucking fleets who would be able to take advantage of the full web savings and discounts. Take advantage of Fleet one’s business savings on fuel and discounts.

The Wex acquisition expanded Fleet One’s reach, and now the Edge card is accepted at thousands of centers, making it easier than ever to find a partner.

 EFS card has Zero (transaction fees, Card fees) WEX EDGE network. These benefits make the card a great choice for truckers/ owner-operators.

Generally, the card is the best fit for bigger fleets, and small operations might want to stay away.

3 – WEX Flex Fuel Card for Owner Operator

Flex Card is the easiest way for a business to start saving on fuel. Plus, you get the flexibility to carry a monthly balance on your fuel card whenever cash flow is tight.

WEX card has no month-to-month or yearly charges. This card offers a flat rebate of 3 cents for each gallon, not considering your company’s monthly fuel spending.

The WEX FlexCard is a charge card, however, it permits you to carry a balance if essential. The card is taken at 95% of US gas stations or truck stops.


  • 3¢ off per gallon*
  • No setup, annual, or card fees
  • Carry a monthly balance
  • Detailed, custom reports
  • Spending controls


  • The downside is a per card fee of $8 per month after the first 6 months


Save up to 15% of your fleet’s fuel management with the WEX Flex card. Set restrictions and authorization to customize cards to reduce fraud and unauthorized spending.

Real-time online services allow you to add and delete drivers and vehicles, pay your bill, and set purchase controls and alerts.

No need for paperwork to track spending and purchases. 24/7 the US-based customer service seven days a week. Real-time and summarised monthly reports.

Our trucking industry experts found out that WEX Flex Card is very effective when used in network locations, savings start when you buy more than 300 gallons in a billing cycle. This makes it a highly recommended fuel card for truckers.

4 -Shell Fleet Navigator Card for Truckers

The Shell Fleet Navigator Card carries restricted (and undefined) charges. The card offers a refund of up to 5 cents for each gallon, connected to your month-to-month fuel buy volume.

The card isn’t a charge card, so you can have a balance from one month to another. The Shell Fleet Navigator Card is accepted at 95% of US gas stations or truck stops.


  • Earn rebates of up to 5¢ per gallon
  • Fuel at 13,000+ Shell stations and at more than 95% of all U.S. fueling stations.
  • Call our 24/7/365 U.S.-based customer service team whenever you need us. 
  • Access your account anywhere, anytime with online and mobile tools.
  • Cancel lost or stolen cards in real-time.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and misuse with driver IDs and purchase controls.


  • Some parts of the US lack Shell coverage
  • Savings only start when you buy 300 gallons of fuel per billing cycle.
  • Total savings are capped at $300 per billing cycle.


Fuel Anywhere, save at Shell. With the flexibility to fuel anywhere. Shell Fleet Navigator Card is accepted at every major U.S. fuel station.

But only one-digit savings on fuel fills. TCS fuel card has better savings on fuel fills.

5 –Exxon Mobile Business Fleet Card for Truckers

The ExxonMobil Business Fleet Card is a charge card and offers a refund of between 1-6 cents for every gallon, depending on the quantity of fuel your organization buys each month.

The card is received at more than 95% of gas stations or truck stops in the US. There are no month-to-month or yearly charges.


  • Save with fuel rebates up to 6¢ per gallon
  • Get fuel from over 11,500 Exxon™ and Mobil™ stations nationwide
  • Know when and where your team spends with real-time expense alerts
  • 24/7 access to online reporting saves your admin time
  • 24/7 and 365 days a year customer care is available
  • Pay in full or carry a balance


  • Only accepted at Exxon Mobil locations


The card is accepted at 95% of locations in the USA, but it only provides single-digit savings i.e. up to 6¢ per gallon.

6 -RTS Fuel Card for Truckers

RTS Financial a factoring company that offers liquidity/working capital solutions for mainly trucking and oilfield services. RTS Financial has launched the RTS Fuel Card, which promises a saving of 25¢ per gallon of diesel.

RTS fuel card tries to level the playing field for small fleets and owner-operators by giving big discounts only large fleets get.


  • 25¢ per gallon average saving
  • Bundled with a fuel card you get Pro Transport (trucking software) access
  • Free credit reports
  • Other discounts (maintenance, discounts on tires, tax services, lodging, document scanning, etc )
  • Discounts at Pilot Flying J, Speedway locations
  • Factoring and fuel card combo
  • Offers weekly credit lines to individual trucks
  • Additional savings at some partner fuel stations
  • No contract or annual fees


  • In-network locations are very few, only 2000


RTS Financial is committed to supplying small businesses with the capital they need.
RTS’ best benefits are offerings like same-day funding, zero hidden fees, fuel discounts, and high advance rates.

The in-network locations that accept this card are few compared with its competitors, which is one thumb down for any review.

7- Pilot Flying J Cards for Truckers

Pilot Flying J cards provide a lot of rewards, loyalty benefits, and discounts on fuel and trucker assistance services.

Unlike other companies in the fuel card industry, Pilot Flying J has made getting an Axle Fuel card relatively quick and painless. Their aim is to make the process of using fuel for truckers/owner operators as easy as possible.

Axel’s in-network locations include Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers, the One9 Fuel Network, and Pilot Flying J Truck Care Service Centers.

Is the Pilot Flying J card worth buying?  We’ll deeply dive into card benefits, what customers think and what kind of customer it’s best for?


  • The Axle card offers a 3% cashback (about 12c/gallon when gas costs $4) this allows flexible payment terms.
  • An extra loyalty point/gallon at Pilot and Flying J locations, or two extra loyalty points/gallon at One9 Fuel Network locations.
  • Savings at Pilot Flying J Truck Care
  • Axel cardmembers get a $30 discount on tires and service
  • Axel cardmembers get a ten percent discount on Service Center fees,
  • Axel cardmembers waived the callout fee on roadside service.


  • Very low no of in-network locations


We in the process of reviewing the Pilot flying J Axel card have searched the internet for positive and negative reviews. We feel the Axel card is a good contender for the best fuel cards when it comes to savings on fuel, care, truck-related, and other purchases.

Because the Axel card’s cashback is a percentage cost, the card gets you more cashback when fuel is expensive.

Axel cards are transparent about their fees. There is very little turnaround time for business owners to access the cards and have their fleets using them.

One of the biggest limitations for Axel Fuel Card is that its in-network locations are few and far between.

8- Universal Premium Fuel & Fleet Card for Truckers

The Universal Premium fuel and fleet card provide top-notch security controls & flexibility for managing fuel and service needs for your truck.

You will get six cents a gallon off based on the package (regular, plus, and premium). It also has anywhere Mastercard acceptance.

Our reviewers found that the fuel card provides security and safety and makes reporting a breeze. The card also provides customized sheets to help with tax and fuel reports. The card uses a tier system for usage and facilitates all required tracking.


  • Up to 6¢ per gallon on fuel
  • The required credit score is lower than other options
  • Customized reporting and analysis for higher tiers
  • Three package choices
  • Simple cents-off model for cards
  • Head of the line service at fuel stations
  • Accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted


  • Simple money-back rewards based on how much you spend and priority treatment at some service centers.
  • Rewards add up to six cents per gallon based on the circumstance 
  • Higher fees and the lack of real rewards


Universal Premium Fuel & fleet is a good pick for small and large fleets needing fuel and service cards.
Our reviewers found it has a simple fee structure & fraud protection, it doesn’t provide many rewards. If you are looking for rewards plus a fuel card you need to look for another card.

9- FuelMan Fuel Card for Truckers

Fuelman fuel is essentially more flexible than any other fuel card. Fuelman offers it different subscriptions for each of its cards. The card includes features like real-time fraud notices, annual loyalty bonuses, and late payment forgiveness programs, etc.

Late payment forgiveness program is a very crucial feature, if truckers fail to pay on time usually they won’t be taken off the loyalty program, it doesn’t happen for the Fuelman card


  • Help prevent fraud & misuse by customizing fuel controls
  • Manage driver profiles and turn cards on/off
  • Real-time alerts for potentially fraudulent transactions
  • Track fuel expenses by driver and vehicle – no more cash or lost receipts.
  • Simplified reports for easy vehicle expense accounting and tax reporting
  • Product-level data lets you see what drivers purchase by fuel type
  • Discount of 2¢ on diesel and unleaded at other Fuelman locations.


  • Very low transparency and predatory fees, etc


Our expert reviewers found out the Fuelman cards offer a wide range of options and features, to satisfy the needs of any fleet. Rebates are substantial like the 10 cents off Kwik city purchases can quickly add up if you have a large fleet.

Fuelman cards have an overwhelmingly negative review, truckers/owner-operators have a lot of negative sentiment about the card. Basically, Fuelman is hard to recommend, given it has very low transparency and predatory fees, etc

10- Voyager Fuel card for Truckers

The Voyager Fuel card is a U.S. bank product, but it is distributed by Voyager Channel Partners. Owner operators can get the benefits of getting connected to a small fuel management company.

The Voyager Fuel card, one of the most universally accepted cards available, can be used to purchase fuel in hundreds of thousands of gas and maintenance stations across the USA.

The Voyager Fuel Card is very versatile; the card works for fleets of all sizes through it’s popular with large fleets.

We would recommend the Voyager Fuel Card for any business owner who wants to

  • Control fuel costs
  • Eradicate fleet card misuse
  • Cut downtime spend creating end of month fuel reports
  • Partner with a smaller fleet card provider


  • Supported by US Bank
  • Has an excellent mobile app
  • Encourages routine maintenance through collecting detailed information
  • Allows cardless payment options
  • Very good customer service


  • Lack of rebates or money back on fuel purchased
  • Short payment terms (with bills due every week)


During our review, we found out that the Voyager Card has universal acceptance, unparalleled security controls, and a lack of predatory fees, unparalleled customer service.

The only problem we found was the lack of rebates/discounts on fuel. We believe that Voyager Card is a very good option for trucking companies/ owner operators of all sizes, and it has the potential to help slash fuel costs considerably.

What to look for in a fuel card for owner operators?

This is what you need to remember when searching for a fuel card:

Get a card that accommodates your area.

Many fuel cards must be utilized at certain service station chains or inside networks that cover certain districts of the country and not others. Investigate precisely where a fuel card can be utilized prior to settling on one.

Get a card that fits the amount of fuel you buy every month.

Many fuel cards offer discounts on fuel buys, yet these refunds are regularly attached to how much fuel your organization purchases every month. Attempt to decide how much fuel each month your organization will use prior to getting a fuel card. Thus, you can discover the card with a refund program that best hits your fuel “sweet spot.”

See how fuel pricing functions while considering a fuel card for truckers.

Some fuel cards permit you to group your fuel buys after a specific length of time. This means you can pay less than the price listed in the fuel station, such a discount most often comes with a hidden fee or requirements. Make certain to see how the pricing works prior to acquiring your fleet fuel card.

Features of a good fuel card for truckers:

Less expensive fuel.

Most (yet not all) fuel cards give diesel limits at specific gas stations. And the more number of gas stations covered, the more you can save per gallon.

Set everyday limits. Need your drivers to have the option to get a little treat at the service station store without increasing spending?

 Some fuel cards permit you to set everyday spending limits for fuel. Some cards help your drivers to shop at convenience stores, supermarkets, and other places where the card is taken as payment.

Easier bookkeeping.

If your fleet fuel card is connected with your accounting software.

Then allocating the expenses to the program is as simple as entering your card number and linking the two. You don’t have a headache with tracking receipts.

High security (like a debit card)

Did your driver drop his fuel card at the pump back in New Hamshire? However, the individual who finds the fuel card can’t access it without knowing the PIN. This permits the drivers to carry less money in his truck, limiting the chance of theft.


Some fuel cards will have partnerships with gas stations or repair shops. Such partnerships help truckers to negotiate miscellaneous expenses like an oil change or windshield replacement.

FTA Reporting

Your truck’s ELDs ought to have the option to follow the fuel utilized in each state. Yet having a fleet card framework that tracks it can help check the information.

Level III processing

Get information on the exchange not only for the when, from whom, and from where. But also for the specific shipment, the invoice number, and more.

FAQs on best fuel card

What do you mean by fuel card for truckers?

Fuel card/ freight fuel card/diesel fuel cards/fleet cards are a method for carriers to buy diesel at fuel stations or truck stops.

How do you select a fuel card?

Truckers need to consider these things while opting for a fuel card
Vehicle type, Fuel type, Branded or non-branded fuel cards, Coverage and no. of locations, Spending limits or controls, Hidden norms, conditions and costs, Card administration, Hidden cost.

What are the benefits of having a fuel card?

These are the benefits of having a fuel card
A fast and easy way to pay for fuel, A safe, easy, and secure alternative to carrying cash, Limits and tighter control on business expenses, Streamline boring admin process, Increased flexibility for fueling across the cards network.

What can I buy with a fuel card?

You can buy discounted fuel, pay for the repair, paint jobs, upkeep, lodging, and petty expenses for truckers.

How do you use a fuel card?

While going to an in-network fuel station for pumping fuel, you need to submit/swipe the fuel card after your purchase of fuel.
Fuel cards are used instead of debit/credit cards. Drivers can collect the bill from the pump as proof of transaction.

Where can I use my fuel card?

As an owner operator/trucker, you can use a fuel card to fill up from in-network fuel stations, truck stops, repair. truck wash and for lodging and food.

Is it worth getting a fuel card?

Company fuel cards reduce the cost of filling diesel for your equipment or fleet. Fuel cards helo you to streamline time and money spent on administration/accounting.

Can fuel cards save you money?

Fuel cards help you to save a lot of money via discounts on fuel fill-ups. Driving down the average cost of fuel by a few cents can help companies to save a lot of money

Can I use a fuel card to pay at the pump?

Yes! you can use a fuel card for a tire change, get supplies, do repair and upkeep, and get lodging and food.

Do you need a PIN for a fuel card?

Yes, it does.
Sometimes when garages and fuel stations aren’t able to accept PINs as security verification for transactions, and in these circumstances, a signature is used as a security check.

There are a lot of benefits to getting a good fuel card for the owner operator. Savings, head-of-the-line service gigs, discounts at repair stations and tire changes, etc are some of the things that you can regularly accept from top-of-the-line fuel cards for truckers.