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Month on Month contract, ideal for nonrecourse

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Cash or liquidity is the lifeline of any business, if cash is not generated trucking businesses get stuck. Most of the time brokers or shippers pay you @ net 30 or 45 terms i.e. 30 or 45 days after the invoice is generated. 

So the only option is to factor your invoices at a commission or fee with a trucking invoice factor. They are many good factoring companies we are introducing you to a very good factoring company Advanced Capital Solutions (ACS).

ACS factoring experience:

ACS Factors got a start when industry veterans with 40 years of factoring. lending and funding experience started to help truckers and owner operators.

ACS factoring intro:

ACS is based in Las Angles California, They provide affordable, robust, and quick factoring for truckers and owner operators in the USA. ACS provides nonrecourse freight bill factoring. Their nonrecourse factoring protects truckers from customer payment default due to bankruptcies.

ACS factoring rate:

ACS’ factoring rate is 1% for 30days later 3%. ACS has a 97% advance rate. Approval of funds takes a maximum of 24 hours. ACS does not have any deposit or application fees. 

Factoring deals are always month on month, and easy to enter into and exit out off. 

ACS paperwork process and fees:

ACS has dedicated paperwork and collection support for your trucking business
There is no termination-free or other fines attached to the factoring exit. ACS does not have any minimum funding limitation attached to its factoring contract. Even if you don’t factor in anything there is no minimum funding fee. ACS has flexible funding limits, that truckers can use when their business upticks. 

ACS customer service:

ACS’ customer service is flexible, problem-solving, robust, and proactive, as truckers you get extra attention from customer service reps. ACS provides nonrecourse factoring that ACS takes the risk if your customer does not pay.

ACS Fuel Card:

ACS provides a fuel card program in association with TCS fuel cards. There are many benefits to this program:

  • Fuel saving throughout the country!
  • Get handsome discounts at major truck stops 
  • Get huge discounts on tires, repairs, and parts
  • Discounts on tolls, fleet management tools, and cell phone plans
  • Discounts on legal, insurance (Health / Life), accommodation, etc

ACS credit check facility:

ACS also provides a comprehensive credit check facility for checking the credit worthiness of your customers. ACS provides free credit checks for customers and 24/7 access to credit reports. Check credit on brokers or customers. ACS credit checks are simple easy to read and organized. 

 Invoice factoring benefits ACS provides :

  • Same-day invoice funding
  • Month on Month contracts, no hidden fees or cancelation fees
  • No monthly minimum volumes are required.
  • The application process is simple, they do not charge application or start-up fees.

ACS online account management:

ACS has Online account management and easy uploading of documents, using the online portal you can: 

  • 24/7 Access to your Account.
  • Submit Invoices
  • Request Credit on New Customers
  • Search for Existing Customers in our Database
  • Check Status of Unpaid Invoices
  • View Reserve Balance

ACS Factors gives working capital to small businesses in the form of non-recourse factoring. ACS Factors helps truck drivers or owner operators to turn accounts receivables into cash on the same day. It’s a small and medium business with 40 years of combined factoring experience, that understands the owner-operators.

ACS is the best factoring company for the trucking business. They provide the best non-recourse factoring for new truckers, owner operators, and drivers.


  • Factoring rate 1% for the first 30 days and later 3%
  • Approval of money (get approval in hours not days)
  • Upfront fees (no deposit and upfront fees)
  • Term of the deal (month to month)
  • No early termination fee
  • No minimum funding
  • Minimum factor fee (no minimum fee if you don’t factor)
  • Funding limits ( easy to increase)
  • Customer service (talk to courteous customer management team )
  • Repayment requirement ( ACS takes the credit risk if the customer can’t pay)


  • ACS provides prompt, good customer service
  • ACS gives a 3 percent factoring rate ACS provides easy processing of invoices to cash
  • ACS provides free online credit checking ACS provides immediate credit approvals
  • ACS provides courteous customer service and a quality receivable management service


  • No recourse factoring available

We recommend ACS factoring because of the benefits it renders to a small business which include:

• Instant access to cash by factoring their accounts receivable
• Achieve a robust business pace
• Credit checking on new and existing customers
• Credit guarantees on factored invoices
• Professional, experienced, and courteous staff
• No long term commitments
• Simple, no-fee application

User Reviews of ACS Factors

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
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Rated 5 out of 5

Customer services is amazing they always eager to help. I recommend them. it is a pleasure to work with ACS factors.

Michael Smith

Superfast payment

Rated 5 out of 5

Excellent service and superfast payment.


I’m happy with the ACS Factors

Rated 5 out of 5

ACS is very helpful, their customer support is really outstanding. Very friendly guys.

Walter Peterson

very good

Rated 5 out of 5

They respond quickly for all my queries , and make sure my business is run hassle free .

they given me the best rates and services .


One of the best guys to deal with

Rated 5 out of 5

John of ACS factors is a gentleman, who is extremely helpful. I am happy with their service.


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