Hiring a truck dispatcher is one of the tasks that you have to undertake to expand your business. You are in doubt whether to hire a dispatch company to help with booking loads.

The biggest reason why owner operators fail running a trucking company is that they can’t get good loads and backhaul to run profitably. In this case, a good dispatcher can be a strategic partner in running very tedious and stressful trucking business in its nascent years. It is useful to drivers transitioning from the role of a company driver to an owner operator.

Finding good loads and doing trucking back-office operations take a lot of hard work and time, a new owner operator won’t have that much time to spare and that much effort to spend.

A best-fit dispatch partner helps your company and a bad dispatcher puts your company on the back foot.

There are many things  that you need to consider while thinking

Below are the ways you can know whether you need a dispatcher in your company.

1. Ask for recommendations and suggestion from your trucker friends: 

Tell your owner operator friends about your business and ask them if they can help you assess your situation and tell you if you need a service of truckload dispatcher in your company

Ask for reviews and recommendations of good dispatchers from your circle of owner operators. This is one way to find the best dispatch service in the market.

2. Determine what to expect from a dispatch company: 

You need to make a broad list of expected services from your dispatching company. You need to know what you are willing to do and what you wouldn’t be able to do because of a lack of skills or lack of time. Compare and contrast all the offerings of the dispatch company to ensure that the dispatcher meets all your requirements. Understand that anything that your dispatcher can’t do should be done by someone else- in this case, it’s you.

3. Account for your costs: 

If you need to charge your customer we must know what you want to make? how much cost can you pay which includes the payment to the dispatcher and the lowest you can charge to make a profit from your load.

Understand your costs operational:- fixed and variable costs. 

These calculations make you understand whether the load is profitable enough to pull. Some dispatchers may ask for quick pay which might dent your liquidity if you are not prepared.

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Other urgent requirements for a owner operator

Firstly, you need a good insurance agency/provider covering you for various circumstances/policy types. You need to take 3rd party liability, cargo, uninsured motorist, trailer/equipment insurance.

We need to enlist a factor who have competitive rates and above par service quality to make your business financial bottle neck free. This will help you to have a good cashflow and working capital.