You need to be really careful while you choose a dispatch company.

Dispatch service is the extended logistics arm of your trucking business, so decide wisely while selecting a dispatching partner.

Tasks executed by dispatchers

As an owner operator you expect your dispatcher performs a few key tasks, Booking the best paying and ideal load is one task and doing your load paperwork and operations is another task you expect them to do.

Service quality of dispatchers

The service delivery quality of your dispatcher is a really important factor that decides if you thrive or slump in the competitive market.

The service quality and price they charge are also important. If they quote an unbelievably low price, it means there is something wrong.

Service Charge of Dispatchers

A good dispatcher will charge a (percentage / flat-rate) on the loads you haul. There is a flat per week fee of about $350 to $500 dollars or a 5 to 10% cut from the load charge. Percentage rates are better because you pay for the loads you book.

You need a good dispatch service providing company

Individual dispatchers have one point of failure, but a team of dispatchers is more professional, specific, or dedicated dispatchers or a multiple person/structured company is a better option. We need to know that a dispatch team is better than an individual.

We need to select a dispatcher based on their subject knowledge, negotiation skills, troubleshooting, and fire fighting skills.

You make more dollars with good dispatch partnerships

Good dispatchers negotiate healthy rates ($ per mile) for your loads.

An experience in dispatch knows the best routes where you get the best dollar per mile.
Also, a good dispatcher can give you well-paid dedicated lanes and tri-haul loads.

Other very important services a dispatch company/partner provides

You should also know that a good dispatcher can give you roadside assistance, one on one assistance when there is breakdown or weather trouble, road accidents, etc.

Good paying loads from load boards broke/shipper partners

Some dispatchers have a direct connection with shippers. Experienced dispatchers will have other sources of loads like- shipper contact, broker agreements, etc-.

A trap of forced dispatching:

Don’t fall into the trap of forced dispatching, it’s a big no and a red flag for truckers working with dispatch companies. You should always have an option to select the loads you like. To have a choice, forced dispatching shouldn’t be encouraged.

You should have the option of working with multiple dispatchers which means you don’t know which load is good for you.

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Other urgent requirements for a owner operator

You need a good insurance agency/provider covering you for various circumstances/policy types. You need to take 3rd party liability, cargo, uninsured motorist, trailer/equipment insurance.

We need to enlist a factor who have competitive rates and above par service quality to make your. This will help you to have a good casflow and working capital.