Semi Truck Dispatch Service

Semi-truck dispatch service is a very important service for drivers/fleet owners./carriers. Semi-trucks are the lifeblood of us transportation industry, 75% of the goods transported are through semi-trucks.

Semi truckers face different challenges in operations semi freight service. One such challenge is getting good loads to pull another is getting a hold on operations and finding a way around doing paper works, secretarial tasks, and keeping trucking compliance.


Factors that make the best semi truck dispatch service in America:

Top of the line semi truck dispatch services features

As a driver/owner of a trucking company you get the top semi truckloads, best rate per mile, secretarial support, end-to-end paperwork, turn by turn navigation, roadside rescue, you can also skip roadblocks or closures and get free shipper/broker credit checks. 

All these services plus our dedicated customer service agent (MaxTrucker buddy) will help you to tailor-make your dispatch program for your business needs

Finding Semi dispatch service which offers secure and creditworthy customers is easy now:

Discover secure and creditworthy shippers/brokers 

MaxTruckers find, hunt, negotiate, and set uploads or carrier packets for your one truck operation or a small fleet. We provide the highest rate per mile.

This semi-dispatch service saves you money by aligning yourself with customers who are trustworthy.

You help you to do business with high credit scores and secure clients/shippers/brokers. We also provide you with credit histories and days of payment history of your client.

Acquire the best semi truck dispatch service with exemplary billing, collection, end-to-end paperwork, and secretarial support:

Exemplary semi truck dispatch service with finest billing, document collection, end-to-end paperwork and secretarial support.

At MaxTruckers we provide you with billing collection and other paperwork related to carrier compliance and customer service.

This includes broker setup, W9, Insurance certificate generation, sending you a copy of all rate confirmation, consolidating rate confirmation/BOL/POD’s/Lumper receipts/scale tickets post-delivery, creating all your invoices, factoring submission, and many more.

Our professional dispatch support will help you to update your secretarial support wing by organizing your phone conversations, mail, email interactions, and also credit checks with shippers/brokers.

Find the best in class driver support and route planning using semi dispatch:

Driver support and route planning using our dispatch for semi trucks

Maxtrucker dispatch consultants (buddies) will help you avoid roadblocks, accidents, hazards, weather trouble and plan your route thoroughly to increase the efficiency or mileage of your equipment.

Fetch the best semi truck dispatch rates:

Best dispatch for semi trucks rates

A semi-dispatching company charges 6% to 12% of the total load value, this eats away your profit share. That’s why MaxTruckers has come out with bold and helpful pricing of $49 per week/per truck.

Why do MaxTruckers boasts a low semi truck dispatch rate?

Low trucking dispatch rate

We at MaxTrucker help your semi-truck dispatching business to grow, widen and make a profit by using digital transformation techniques. 

We use top-of-the-line AI and ML-enabled load hunting, booking, and delivering software to pass on the savings of digital transformation by reducing the price of dispatching to benefit our trucker and small fleet owner, buddies. 

Get hold of a MaxTrucker buddy to help you tackle tough dispatch questions or when you need semi truck dispatch support:

Receive clear and crisp answers for your semi dispatching company

As you get onboarded with us, we will give you a dedicated MaxTrucker Buddy”, this person will guide, troubleshoot and help you with all things related to dispatch.

The best part of working with MaxTruckers semi-truck dispatching company is we customize your dispatch requirement and provide you tailor-made semi-truck dispatch offering.

Also, he/she will ensure you get high-paying and high-quality semi-truck loads.

Fetch a good rate per mile with MaxTrucker’s dedicated semi dispatching service:

Search, find and negotiate loads using best semi truck dispatch service 

A particular MaxTrucker dispatch buddy helps your trucking business with searching, finding, and booking good loads. This buddy helps you with operations, paperwork, secretarial, driver support, and compliance matters. 

This MaxTrucker buddy also use Tri-Haul load booking and 15-day average rate per mile data from the load board to find you the best rate per mile,

Find and use turn by turn navigation, bottleneck avoidance, and driver support system using MaxTruckers dispatch for semi-trucks:

Get turn by turn navigation, inclement weather avoidance, road closure, bottleneck avoidance, etc using semi truck dispatch service

Maxtruckers dispatch provides you with accident avoidance, road closure avoidance, inclement weather avoidance, turn by turn driver assistance, route/trip management, roadside rescue, etc. This semi-truck dispatching company service support drivers to face challenges en route, plan routes meticulously, etc.

Get same-day funding with MaxTruckers and receive a discounted semi truck dispatching service at $49 only:

Factor with MaxTruckers and get dispatch at $49 only

Same-day funding is one of the special services of MaxTruckers dispatching. We select verified, transparent, and excellent factoring partners from America.

Your MaxTrucker buddy will furnish information about same-day funding, they will also help you to onboard with our verified and best factoring service companies.

If you also select same-day funding from MaxTruckers we will get a good deal in dispatching i.e. $49 for a week/ for a truck.

Find high dollar per mile averaging ($2.5 to $5.5) loads every time you dispatch with us:

High dollar per mile loads on every semi truck dispatch

We ensure zero hassle load booking plus operation and paperwork process.

We provide you with an average rate per mile of $2.5 to $5.5 if you dispatch your semi-truck with us. 

MaxTruckers use shipper contacts, broker connections, and load book tech prowess to get you the awesome loads you love to haul based on your search criteria. 

Find a virtual assistant who perfectly takes care of your operation and compliance, with our dispatch for freight companies package: 

Do your operations and compliance without sweating using MaxTruckers   semi dispatch service

We at MaxTrucker manage your load paperwork and operational compliance of booking, delivery, and post-delivery processes of your loads. 

Our dispatch experts (MaxTrucker buddy) will give you the right information needed on loads right when it is required.

Find loads according to your criteria and priorities using MaxTruckers semi dispatch company:

Find semi-truck according to your criteria and priorities

We don’t force loads on you, we provide 3 loads based on your search filter or criteria. We help you to establish a shipping lane according to your priorities. 

Get hold of superior business analytics and load profitability analytics:

Get the expense/overhead, profitablity and operations reports

At MaxTruckers provide you with trucking business data analytics  ( profit per mile. rate per mile. expenses /overheads per miles, etc). 

We also provide you with repair expenses and mileage data per trip and we also give you the industry average to compare your numbers with other trucking companies.

Amazing new owner operator and trucking early stage startup bundle absolutely free with our semi truck dispatching service:

Free early stage trucking startup bundle worth $500 for semi trucking companies

Trucking startups are the lifeblood of trucking in the USA, there are many challenges that a ruthless business environment creates which affect drivers/owner-operators/ small fleet owners. Especially new MC owners face business discrimination just because they are new to the market.

MaxTruckers provide business consultation for fuel cards, insurance, dispatch, bookkeeping, this helps new truckers/owner-operators/fleet owners to make good choices. 

For the new carriers who join our community of 1000 plus truckers, we provide a $500 free startup bonus pack which has an:

Average of 35 cents to 45 cents per gallon saving fuel card,  1 monthly free trial of DAT TruckersEdge load board. 

An ebook: How To choose the right factoring company? (with a powerful checklist)

 Verified broker list (list of brokers who work with new MC trucking companies)

They also negotiate highly paid to and for loads, which means you don’t have to go empty in your backhaul.

The above are benefits of our semi-truck dispatch service, we provide great value for truckers/ fleet owners with our semi-truck dispatch market offerings and services. Please go through our service package to know more.


Are you an Owner Operator or New Carrier? Receive a complimentary Start-Up kit valued at $1500 to Grow your Business and Maximise Profits. Features of Start-Up kit:

Product Pricing


  1. Dispatch ; Loads Just @ $49/Week/Truck + 5% of the previous week’s gross revenue

Fuel Card

  1. TCS: 42 cents per gallon for Q3 of 2023
  2. RoadEX Fuel Credit Card; up to $6000 / per week


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