A company that gives dispatch service for owner operators provides you with indispensable services such as truckload booking, trucking operations management, and trucker driver assistance.

A dispatch company works as an extended logistics arm of your business, it provides you with the best paying truck loads. The dispatcher often connects you with loads faster than you would be able to do on your own, this means you run fewer empty miles.

How to find owner-operators to dispatch? Finding needy owner operators is one way that dispatchers can effectively do their work. Fresh truckers with new MCs are the ones who urgently need a dispatching service.

This is the best time to start a new MC trucking company, there is a huge shortage of drivers. If you make the right moves, invest in automation and hire a good dispatcher your business will start giving you very good results.

What does a good dispatch service for owner operator bring to the table?

  1. A good dispatch service provider gives you a dedicated dispatch partner/manager who provides to you custom freight searching, booking and freight operations management.
  2. Your dispatch partner help you to locate, negotiate and book high paying loads for your trucking business. Load hunting and negotiation with top brokers/shippers are the primary skill of a dispatcher. By doing the above the dispatch gets the carrier the best rates in the industry.
  3. Your dispatch partner setups and operates dedicated lanes and high paying (high dollar per mile) trucking lanes, which means you can run without any hassel and concentrate on making money by hauling good and high paying loads.
  4. Best dispatch service for owner operators understand the problems faced by a new MC owner operator, so they provide you with professional one on one consulting, They also negoiate highly paid to and for loads, that means you don’t have to go empty in your back haul.
  5. Good dispatchers provide custom fit services for carriers and trucking startups. These services book atleast 3 well paying loads that fit your criteria. The owner operators independent contractors benefit from mutiple
  6. Dispatch company will be able to help you to avoid road hazards and bottelnecks on accident prone routes. A good dispatcher will steer you clear of accidents and weather trouble. A good disptacher can provide you with driver direction assitance, road side assitance and fast repair options while you are on the road.
  7. Good dispatch company will provide you with billing, collections, and other paperwork related to customer service and carrier compliance. This includes broker setup, W9, Insurance certificate generation, sending you a copy of all rate confirmation, consolidating rate confirmation/BOL/POD’s/Lumper receipts/scale tickets post-delivery, creating all your invoices, factoring submission, and many more.
  8. An A class dispatcher will help you to meticulously plan you route to optimise rate per mile and mileage of your equiment.
  9. A good dispatcher doesnot ask you to accept a load if you donot want to accept it. There is no forced dispatching at all.
  10. Good dispatch company will help you to be up to date and organized with their secretarial support to organize your email interactions, phone conversations,, and credit checks with brokers and shippers.
  11. Good dispatcher provides you with factoring setup and same day funding assitance.
  12. Good dispatcher also runs broker/ shipper credit checks.
  13. A good dispatcher charges based on the load booked and accepted by owner operators. If you are asked to sign a contract or accept minimum usage or term commitments please steer clear of that dispatch firm.
  14. A good disptacher for a new owner operator does the operations tasks such as new broker setup, insurance certificates collection , and sending rate confirmations to shippers and you etc.

Merits and demerits of a dispatch service for owner operators:

Merits of a dispatch service for owner operators:

A dispatch company provides you with a healthy volume of high-paying loads. They find, fix and negotiate high-paying loads for you. So that you don’t have to run empty and be at an operating loss while hauling loads.

Dispatchers help you with billing, collections, and other paperwork related to customer service and carrier compliance.

The dispatcher helps drivers with turn by turn route assistance, hazard detection, avoidance of roadblocks or inclement weather, or other bottlenecks while driving to a destination.

Experienced dispatchers have other means of loads like broker/shipper contracts, loads from their network, etc.

Demerits of a dispatch service for owner operators:

What are your revenue projections? If your trucking business is projected to have high growth and your revenue projections call for a good dispatch partner, you can hire a quality dispatch partner

If as a trucker you have a bunch of quality, dependable and frequent clients that pay you well. then you do not need a dispatcher.

A dispatch partner who performs consistently is the need of the hour for your trucking business. Vet for a high-quality, committed, and consistent dispatch partner. Ask for help from your owner-operator buddies.

Rather than going with an individual dispatcher to go for a dispatching company, it reduces the risk of failure. Very good dispatchers know the best dollar per mile routes and they will also use Tri-Haul to increase your earning per trip.

You need to know what are your strength and weakness. If you can’t do carrier compliance, accounting, trucking operations, etc. Check for a dispatcher who not only has access to load booking but also does accounting, trucking operations, and compliance.

Veteran drivers do not need assistance with navigating around hazards, bottlenecks, and slowdowns, etc

Please avoid firms with long-term contracts, hidden conditions. Good dispatchers charge a percentage of the amount from a booked load, so there isn’t a risk of paying money without booking a good load.

Your long-term success depended on your own hauling loads for credit-worthy shippers/brokers, your dispatcher should be able to help you with finding good clients.

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Other urgent requirements for a owner operator

Firstly you need a good insurance agency/provider covering you for various circumstances/policy types. You need to take 3rd party liability, cargo, uninsured motorist, trailer/equipment insurance.

We need to enlist a factor who has a competitive rates and above par service quality to make your business free of financial bottleneck free . This will help you to have a good cashflow and working capital.

Plus you need to have a good fuel card that gives you access to industry leading discounts at diesel pump. Also you need to get discounts at tire changes, maintenance and upkeeping and general supplies shopping , and accommodation etc.